Even with eyewitness accounts and video footage, you may need more evidence to proceed with a car accident injury case. A car can reveal a lot about an accident, including some elements that are not obvious at first glance. As you proceed with a personal injury case, the crashed cars may go through a professional inspection.

Learn about the process, why inspections are important, and how they could ultimately help your injury case.

Vehicle Inspection Experts

When you relive the details of an accident you were in, you may make assumptions or draw hasty conclusions, but facts and expert testimony can go a long way in proving the cause of an accident. A vehicle inspection is usually completed by an experienced mechanic. Both a physical and visual inspection is done on the car to determine the damage and condition of a vehicle.

A full report is released for the vehicle and includes all of the extra details. If your case goes to trial, the mechanic who inspected the car could testify on your behalf to help prove the cause of the accident.

Exterior Car Factors

As part of the inspection, a mechanic will look at the exterior of a vehicle. For example, the headlights, taillights, and blinkers are all inspected to see if they worked prior to the accident. Driving without proper headlights could cause dangerous situations and may have led to the accident.

The tires are also part of the inspection process. If the tires were worn or bald, then they may have posed a danger while on the road. For example, a vehicle may not have slowed properly if worn tires skidded on the road. The use of worn tires for extended periods of time could lead to a charge of negligence against the other driver.

An inspection will look into all the details like tire tread to determine if the wheel condition impacted the accident in any way.

Interior Car Features

Several other elements of a car are not visible on the outside but could make a difference in your injury case. For example, a brake inspection will detail how worn the brakes are. An engine inspection will determine if the vehicle was in good driving condition.

A lawyer may use a report that includes any maintenance or work to give an overview of how well a vehicle was cared for. Neglect, like not enough oil changes, could impact the way a car performed on the road. Additionally, elements like broken windshield wipers or air vents could have impacted a driver’s ability to see. These little details matter and make a big difference in cases.

Causality & Driving Situations

An inspection alone is not enough to prove fault in an accident. For example, bald tires will not change the fact that a person chose to run a red light. The inspection report is more like a stepping stone into a personal injury case. A personal injury lawyer can put the pieces together to give an overall picture.

The key is to sift through an inspector’s report to find out details that pertain to the actual case. For example, broken windshield wipers will not impact a car accident on a sunny day. However, if the accident occurred in the pouring rain, the wipers become a major factor.

The knowledge of an attorney will ensure you are properly represented and the details will help your case. A lawyer is able to break down the elements and find the cause of the accident. With concise arguments, they can naturally bolster the evidence and help build a stronger case.

Personal Vehicle Inspection

Along with the other vehicle involved in the accident, you may have your own vehicle inspected. If you’ve kept up with proper maintenance and care for the vehicle, then the report can help your case. Supply your own vehicle care papers and receipts for any work you’ve had done over the years. If you work on the car yourself, then supply store receipts for parts.

The condition of your vehicle will help showcase that there were no malfunctions on your end that caused the accident. A vehicle inspection report will also detail the damage caused to your car during the accident. A detailed damage report can showcase the trauma you went through during a car crash.

If needed, the vehicle inspection may have a full estimate for the repairs needed to make the vehicle operational again. This is ideal as a lawyer seeks out compensation and offers settlement amounts to insurance companies on your behalf. You want to ensure your settlement amount includes the full value of the vehicle and any needed repairs.

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