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St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

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St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

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“Thank you to Cantor Injury Law for their professionalism and support to clients like me. David Poe was my hero on my process with a great communication focusing on the purpose of the case. Thank you David Poe and all your at Cantor Injury Law.”

“Cantor Injury Law is one of the best. They are always there when you need them and really fight for you! They have the best attorneys and most caring staff! If you ever find yourself in need of a lawyer call them!”

“Mark Cantor and Cantor Injury Law are kind and compassionate people who truly care about their clients and the community! In addition to being a great lawyer he also gives so much back to the community!”

“Cantor Injury Law handled my case and won me more money than I ever expected. I am thankful for the lawyers and staff that made the process so smooth for me. They were kind, hard-working, and won my case. I couldn’t have chosen a better or more capable lawyer. Thank you!”

“Cantor Injury Law has the best attorneys and they are patient. Mark Cantor is always willing to work with people and give them his time. I would recommend them to anyone with a potential case.”

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$18.25 Million Verdict / Serious Child Injury2020-02-29T16:25:04+00:00

$18.25 Million Verdict

Serious Child Injury

Cantor Injury Law acted as co-counsel for a young girl who was turned away from a hospital emergency room despite evidence of severe infection. Ultimately, our client’s kidneys began failing due to the hospital’s failure to timely diagnose, leading to a lifetime need for ongoing medical care. A St. Louis City jury awarded our client 18.25 million dollars due to the conduct of the defendant and the lifelong problems they caused. This is one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts ever in the State of Missouri and the largest ever in St. Louis City.

$5,000,000 Settlement / Truck Accident2020-03-18T23:58:55+00:00

$5,000,000.00 Settlement

Truck Accident

Our client’s father was killed as the result of a collision with a tractor-trailer near River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri. The truck driver was also killed in the collision. After filing suit and being removed to federal court, we were able to have the case remanded to state court by opening an estate for the truck driving and adding the estate as a party defendant and destroying diversity jurisdiction. Shortly after, the insurance company for the truck driver offered to settle the case.

$2,200,000.00 / Truck Accident2020-03-19T00:12:34+00:00


Truck Accident

Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright obtained over $2 million for a man injured in a highway accident. Our client was driving southbound on Interstate 270 when he was struck from behind by a semi-truck and was propelled into three other cars. Mr. Moore was treated for a brain bleed…


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$966,960 Settlement / Workers’ Compensation2020-03-19T00:27:28+00:00

$966,960 Settlement

Workers’ Compensation

After tripping over a protruding pipe at the science center she worked at, our client fractured her right knee and had to have her shoulder replaced. Ms. Alter received three-quarters of a million dollars from three negligent construction contractors and…


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$12,000,000 / Confidential Settlement2020-03-19T00:00:22+00:00


Confidential Settlement

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