Cantor Injury Law will file your Missouri Tort claim at no cost to you so you can claim your Missouri tort victims’ compensation. Cantor is an AV rated Preeminent lawyer and that is the highest rating possible for both skills and integrity. Cantor and his team will fight to secure you an additional $300,000.00 if you are an undercompensated tort victim.

This page will explain how to win your MO tort compensation case.

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Cantor Injury Law may be able to win you up to an additional three hundred thousand dollars! $300,000.00!!!

We are efficiently filing these cases and can win for you. Cantor is leading the state of Missouri in these filing taxes and is electronic and modern and paperless and knows how to win. We are now accepting referrals from other lawyers as well as we lead the state in filing these cases.

Missouri is giving away over 480 million dollars ($480,000,000)to tort victims!

Cantor can get you compensated.

Did you get too little money for your serious injury?

Did you or your lawyer get all the policy limits available but it was still obviously not enough money for the severity of your serious injuries?

If so, your harms and losses are under-compensated and we can help you for free to get more money.

Money Being Exchanged Because Of The Missouri Tort Victims Compensation Fund.

These monies are from the Missouri Tort Victims’ Compensation Fund (“Fund”) if we file a claim before the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. This Fund is designed to pay victims of torts that were not able to obtain full compensation for their injuries because the party at fault had little or no insurance or had filed for bankruptcy. This program has existed under Mo. Rev. Stat. §537.675 for many years but was unfunded previously. Recently, following the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit and $2.12 billion-dollar punitive damage award, the Fund was appropriated a large amount of money. The Fund now has approximately $480,000,000.00 available. To be eligible for compensation from the Fund the application must be received within the time limits prescribed by law. In most cases in Missouri, that is five years from the date of the injury (three years for wrongful death cases) or within two years of whenever the judgment becomes final, and all appeals are final.

If your claim fits within the timeline please call Cantor at 314-628-9999.

A claim must be submitted by Cantor Injury Law to the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation to determine if you are entitled to additional monies. An administrative determination will be made either denying compensation from the Fund or awarding compensation, not to exceed $300,000.00. Generally stated, in order to be eligible to make a claim you must meet several criteria. First, you must have been injured in Missouri or resided in Missouri at the time you were hurt. Second, we must prove that you were undercompensated by providing affidavits, medical records, and other evidence to the Court. There are additional requirements and prerequisites that may prevent recovery, but we can discuss those things in person.

We’ll Help You Get Every Cent You’re Entitled To

Win Additional Money

I (Mark Cantor) have a team of lawyers and paralegals assigned to these claims at Cantor Injury Law. Our team will ask you for a copy of your past legal file and all medical records. We will then update your medical records, we will prepare and file a claim on your behalf.

We work on a contingency fee so if nothing is recovered, you will not owe us any money for our services or any expenses.

Even if you don’t retain Cantor Injury Law, it is my strong advice that you pursue a case if you have one!

And even if you used a different lawyer or law firm or received policy limits on your own for your primary case, Cantor Injury Law can help.

Missouri Tort Victim Fund Explained

After 5 years from your original date of injury, your claim will be barred as a matter of law, so we have a limited amount of time to file a claim. (There are exceptions to this rule to make it longer for children and it is shorter in death cases…, but we may still be able to help the family in death cases within three years.)

I greatly appreciate you considering Cantor Injury Law and appreciate your referrals as Cantor Injury Law works diligently to be the best law firm in town. We are local and are truly committed to our Client’s best interests.

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