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Co-Counsel with Cantor and maximize your client’s financial recovery and your own.  Cantor has 30 years of experience winning personal injury cases in Missouri and will generously fee share in accordance with Missouri Supreme Court Rule 4.  Please introduce your client to Cantor, and Cantor Injury Law will do all that is necessary to recover for your client.  Cantor is accepting co-counsel referrals for all injury cases, worker’s compensation cases, and other tort claims.

We will divide our fee with you in accordance to rule 4-1.5 which states that a division of fees between lawyers not in the same firm is allowable.  (Our mutual client must agree to the association and our client contract will confirm that fee-sharing agreement.  Also, the rule states that the division of fees must be in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation.)  Cantor Injury Law has never had an issue providing generous referral fees under rules 4-1.5.

Please consider referring your Missouri Tort Victim Compensation Fund cases in qualified cases that you have already settled for policy limits.

A Qualified Team

We have an extensive team, including lawyers and paralegals, and our team will be dedicated to any case you bring us. Our experienced experts will take care of every detail of your case from start to finish, or we can just help you with the documentation you don’t have time for. Meet with our team to discuss your client’s needs.

Financing and Fees

Personal injury cases can be expensive endeavors, so Cantor Injury Law will finance the case entirely. When we reach the end of the case, we’ll generously and ethically split the fees with you. If you’re stressed about running out of money before finishing a case, you can set your worries aside with our team.

We Will Fight And Win to Maximize Your Client’s Financial Recovery with you as Co-Counsel.

Mark Cantor explains the fee sharing arrangement in this video:

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