In today’s article, we are going to be discussing “Trucking Accidents In Missouri And Illinois“. If you have any questions or concerns about a personal injury case, contact us today.

Missouri has suffered over 800 deaths every year since 2006 from car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and truck accidents. Illinois has even more. The government keeps statistics on these deaths and of the total population of 6 million Missourians in 2015 there were 869 deaths involving a truck. Unfortunately, Cantor Injury Law sees these motor vehicle accident and death cases all too often. Currently, we are handling multiple truck collision cases that have resulted in wrongful death or serious injury.

We take these cases extraordinarily seriously because we know that our clients and our client’s families are counting on us to maximize their financial recovery and to do the best job we possibly can.

Truck Accidents Cause Huge Damages

Collisions with a truck cause huge damages because a truck and trailer, even when empty, can weigh 30 to 40,000 pounds. Fully loaded they can exceed 80,000 pounds. (80,000 pounds is the legal maximum in both Illinois and Missouri.) Your car likely weighs less than 5,000 pounds. So it is very important that a truck driver drives with the highest degree of care and attention and never while exhausted or distracted because the results can be deadly.

Because We Handle Trucking Accident Cases Routinely, We Know Who To Call And How To Act Immediately Upon Being Called Upon For Assistance

  • Never Give A Statement Without Your Lawyer Present – Also, watch out for the early visit from the “friendly” adjustor. We recently agreed to represent a man with life-threatening injuries caused by a negligent truck driver. Mark Cantor spoke to the man’s family a day after it occurred and immediately went to the hospital where the man was still in the ICU. Guess what? The trucking company’s insurance adjustor had already been to the hospital within 12 hours of the collision! Fortunately, no statement was provided by the severely injured person on pain medications.
  • Insurance Companies Are Against You – The insurance company is fighting against you the second after the collision. In this case, the insurer had already hired an expert to inspect the truck and trailer within one day after the collision.
  • Hire Your Own Experts – The truck contains a “black box” that records the braking activity of the truck. You need that data. You also want the data from other onboard computers and the electronic driving logs and phone records of the truck driver. You need a lawyer to help you do that properly. (Your vehicle has similar data, airbag deployment records, and the like. Tractor-trailer trucks don’t have airbags because they don’t need them!)
  • Get A Lawyer – Trucking cases are tough and the defense fights hard. You should call your own lawyer, even if it is not us.
  • Don’t settle For Less – “Don’t Settle For Less” is the slogan for Cantor Injury Law. We are currently handling another trucking case where the insured truck revealed they only had a one-million-dollar insurance policy. ($1,000,000.00) The case is worth more than that and we filed a lawsuit. We then discovered from our written interrogatories that the same truck had fifty million dollars of excess coverage. ($50,000,000.00)
  • Call Cantor Injury Law – Call us immediately at 314.628.9999 if you need help. We do not charge a fee unless we win for you.

In Conclusion

After a collision, an injured person is in no position to answer questions from an insurance adjuster or investigator who is a professional and hired by the industry in an effort not to pay you. You are always free to say simply I am not going to give a statement or you will need to speak with my lawyer. You can then call Cantor Injury Law. In Missouri and southern Illinois, a lawyer can be retained on a phone call only. We can start our representation of you or your family member immediately to better protect your interests.

Once retained, even if just by phone call, Mark Cantor will send out our experts to gather the information from the data recording from both your vehicle and the truck. We can also assist in securing the appropriate medical care necessary for your complete recovery.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements, so do your homework. Mark Cantor has only represented injury victims and their families since 1993 — never insurance companies or the truck industry. Don’t Settle For Less. Contact us instead at 314.628.9999.

Also, if you just want to discuss the topic of trucking accidents in Missouri and Illinois you can contact us about that as well.

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