A truck driver was tragically killed this week when the truck he was driving struck a concrete median barrier in Jefferson County.

According to the US Department of Transportation:

  • 37,461 lives were lost on America’s roadways in 34,439 fatal motor vehicle crashes.
  • 4,564 lives were lost in 4,079 crashes involving large trucks or buses; fatalities increased 5% from 2015, and fatal crashes increased by 6%.
  • Large truck occupants comprised 16% of all large truck and bus fatalities, a 4% increase from 2015.
  • Large trucks and buses account for 12% of the traffic fatalities.

At Cantor Injury Law we have handled truck collisions for nearly 30 years. Recently we won a happy client 2.2 million dollars after a trucking collision. Here is a picture of the car our client, Mr. Moore, was in.

A truck driver has the duty to drive with the highest degree of care in Missouri. The highest degree of care is the degree of care that a very careful truck driver would use under the same or similar circumstances.

Most truck drivers are professionals and have excellent driving records, but when a truck driver causes a collision the damages can be huge.

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