Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright of Cantor Injury Law secured a significant settlement exceeding $2 million for a client who suffered serious injuries in a catastrophic highway collision. The incident took place on Interstate 270, when our client’s vehicle was struck from behind by a semi-truck . The impact was so severe that it caused a chain reaction, propelling his car into three other vehicles and resulting in a multi-car pileup.

The client, Mr. Moore, sustained grave injuries from the accident. He suffered from traumatic brain injuries which included a brain bleed and a skull fracture, indicating the violent nature of the collision. Additionally, he suffered a broken fibula—a clear testament to the force exerted upon his body during the impact. Tragically, the crash also led to the partial amputation of his right thumb, an injury that not only causes physical impairment but also psychological distress.

As Mr. Moore began his long road to recovery, his medical journey grew more complex and demanding. He underwent multiple surgeries to address the extensive trauma he had endured from the accident. These surgeries included procedures on his shoulder and knee, both essential to regaining mobility and function. Additionally, surgery on his eyelid was necessary, likely due to the facial trauma sustained in the crash.

The financial toll of Mr. Moore’s medical treatments was also substantial, with expenses piling up as he sought the comprehensive care required for his injuries. The legal expertise of Cantor Injury Law was instrumental in advocating for Mr. Moore’s rights, navigating the complex legal terrain to obtain a settlement that would cover his costly medical bills, compensate for his pain and suffering, and provide for his ongoing care needs.

This case is a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice that Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright are known for, highlighting their commitment to securing rightful compensation for those severely affected by the negligence of others on the road.

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