Car accidents are always scary and life-altering and can cause serious injuries, but some types are more serious than the rest. Head-on collisions cause some of the most severe injuries because of the forces involved. If you’ve been hit head-on by a negligent driver, you need a head-on collision injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Cantor Injury Law today. We serve St Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas. Again call us to speak with a St. Louis Head On Collision Lawyer today.

Why You Need A St. Louis Head-On Collision Lawyer

Head On Collision Wreck. St. Louis Head On Collision Lawyers.

For minor car accidents, some people do not hire a lawyer or even get a crash report. However, for a frontal collision, you should always get a crash report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol or other law enforcement agencies because head-on collisions

are rarely minor. Most of the time, you’re left with serious injuries and major repairs, and both of these can cost you a lot of money.

When you hire Cantor Injury Law to help you, we will fight our hardest to ensure you get the compensation you need to heal. After all, if the other party was responsible for the accident, they must pay you what you are owed. If they refuse, or the insurance company refuses to pay you what you need, we can file a lawsuit for you. Cantor has won millions of dollars in head-on collisions involving drunk drivers, careless drivers, minor drivers, negligent entrustment, and other theories of liability including dram shop liability. Cantor has won paralysis cases, brain injury cases, disc herniation cases with surgery, shoulder replacement injuries, and other fracture cases caused by a head-on collision. Cantor is local and will not sell you out or refer your head-on injury case to another lawyer.

We also can gather evidence of the wreck to prove the negligence of the other party, negotiate with insurance companies and other lawyers, and answer any questions you may have. Our only goal is to help you win as much money as possible so that you can focus on recovering after your wreck. That is why we never charge any fees unless we win for you.

Why You Should Hire Cantor Injury Law

Cantor Injury Law has 30 years of experience in the personal injury law industry, and we are dedicated to each of our client’s rights. Cantor’s goal is to be the best, not the largest, law firm. We fight hard to help you win your case, and we are always honest and transparent with you. Cantor will maximize your settlement and only works for the injured party and never for the insurance company.

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