Cantor Injury Law resolved a neck injury case last year for two million two hundred thousand dollars ( $2,200,000.00). If you need a St. Louis Neck Injury Lawyer, contact Cantor Injury Law today.

Neck injury cases with proper representation have increased value because your neck is part of your central nervous system with the spinal cord. Serious neck injuries can cause a person to lose mobility, and range of motion, and can result in paralysis.  If you’re currently experiencing neck or other injuries from an accident that wasn’t your fault, the neck injury lawyers at Cantor Injury Law can help you litigate your case to get the compensation you are owed for your injuries and other medical expenses. We serve St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas and are eager to help with your case.

If you have an accident at work or on the roadway that injures your neck or spine, Cantor Injury Law has some of the highest awards, verdicts, and settlements in the entire State of Missouri and in our region.

St. Louis Neck Injury Attorneys

Cantor Injury Law has gained invaluable experience through the years working on neck injury cases. Mark Cantor has been fighting and winning neck injury cases for 30 years.

Medical evidence is critical for maximizing the value of your Missouri or Illinois neck injury case. Cantor recommends treatment by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist if you are injured. These medical experts are more qualified to both treat your injuries and to testify about those injuries than a chiropractor. Cantor knows and understands that people love chiropractic care, but for a jury, medical evidence is far superior.

Cantor has medical experts that will treat your injury with no money out of pocket until your case is won. These qualified surgeons and neurologists are also the best in the region for explaining to a jury the mechanics of your neck injury, diagnosis, prognosis and disability. Our medical doctors will differentiate between what the defense and insurance companies will try and call “degenerative changes” and disc herniations and disc extrusions caused by a traumatic event, such as a car or truck accident.

Cantor Injury Law Has A Unique Background

With our unique background in personal injury and neck injury, we have the skills to examine the facts and evidence from your accident and present a strong case. We want you to feel comfortable working with us and know you can rely on us to work diligently for you.

Our lawyers are professional and successful. We are from Missouri and understand the laws and lifestyles represented here. Let us work with you so you can be paid what you are owed for your accident. Our lawyers are thorough, experienced, and efficient. We understand the intricacies involved in personal injury law and we have a track record of successfully helping our clients get compensation for their injuries. Our clients are our top priority, and our goal is to help you get the resources you need to recover from your neck injury or seek damages if the injury is permanent.

To learn more about our firm, practice areas, and how we can provide you with a modern, winning approach, call us at 314-628-9999. We will set up a free consultation to go over your case and explore your options. Together we can help you receive fair compensation so you can move past your accident and move on with your life.

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