Cantor Injury Law, LLC is the one law firm in St. Louis you can really trust to take your case to heart and put your best interests first. After you are in a bus accident and severely injured as a result, our team of St. Louis bus accident lawyers genuinely wants to help you seek compensation and justice from the party that caused it. Don’t settle for the little doe, get the Big Bucks with Cantor Injury Law.

Catastrophic Injuries Suffered In A Bus Accident

Bus accidents are much like truck accidents in that motorists in smaller vehicles are at a major disadvantage during the collision. The larger size and weight of the bus will devastate any smaller vehicles on the road, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even death.

Severe Injuries That May Be Suffered By Survivors Of A Bus Accident Vary, Such As:

Passengers on a bus are also vulnerable to severe injury in a bus accident. Most buses are not equipped with any added safety equipment, like seatbelts and headrests. In a collision or rollover accident, passengers can be ejected from their seats and suffer permanent injuries. Whether you were on a bus or hit by a bus, our bus accident attorneys have the legal knowledge and talents needed to effectively represent you.

Damages To Seek In A Bus Accident Claim

Bus accidents are rarely minor, as are the injuries that they cause. As a general expectation, if someone is severely injured, then the damages they experience will be significant as well. In order to try to live comfortably again after a bus accident, you will need to make certain your damages calculate all past and future expenses you have incurred and suffering you have felt.

Our Team Will Fight For Any And All Damages You Deserve, Including But Not Limited To:

  • Medical costs: From emergency medical care and hospitalization to extensive rehabilitation, the medical cost to recover from a bus accident can range well into the hundreds of thousands, if not more. You deserve it all. If the responding insurance company will not offer an adequate settlement amount, then we will take them to court for a legal fight they won’t like.
  • Lost wages: Your work benefits may provide you some sort of disability pay after a bad accident, like a bus crash. It will not likely be your usual wages, though. Our St. Louis bus accident attorneys will fight for all your lost, missing, or reduced wages, bonuses, and benefits.
  • Property damage: If you were hit by a reckless bus driver and your car was totaled, your insurance may not provide as much as you need to get a new vehicle. We work diligently to make certain your compensation will account for this necessary expense.
  • Emotional trauma: The pain and suffering you have felt from your bus accident may have understandably left you feeling traumatized. Both Missouri and Indiana injury laws allow you to seek compensation for noneconomic damages experienced due to a violent accident.

Calculating your damages can get complicated, but it is nothing our team at Cantor Injury Law cannot handle. We have been assisting and representing the wrongfully injured for years and years. In fact, our team takes pleasure in running the numbers again and again. We insist on going after every penny, nickel, and dime you deserve from the liable parties who caused your bus accident. This is the way we have done things since we were founded, and it is how we will run our law firm for many, many years to come.

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