On Friday, I spent the day conducting a medical deposition for an expert in a very serious injury case. My client was working at Home Depot and using an industrial saw to cut wood when a customer bumped him. Unfortunately, it resulted in my client losing all four fingers on his hand.

As a result of his serious physical injuries, our client can no longer work and has severe pain in his hand. This pain is not simply phantom pain, but reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which is a debilitating, constant pain that also is associated with swelling and and atrophy. He also has post traumatic stress disorder and severe depression.

I was deposing the fourth psychiatrist in the case, Dr. Paul Packman, and he did an excellent job explaining the disabilities. Since his deposition will be used for trial purposes, he was cross examined by two other lawyers but, I thought, withstood all scrutiny. The case will be won, the only issue is how much and the varying experts disagree about the level of psychiatric disability, but I think we will prevail on the severity issue.

At the same time I was deposing the Psychiatrist, Gary was deposing an eye surgeon in Maryland for a client who lost his vision as a result of medical negligence. Gary did the work necessary to identify a renowned expert in the field, secure his opinion, file suit and then proceed. As part of that process, he had to present the expert for deposition and fly there to meet the expert, prepare him, and have the deposition.

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