A large commercial truck fully loaded and driving 65 miles per hour requires nearly two football fields to stop.


That truck will weigh up to 80,000 pounds and if it hits an average car that weighs 4000 pounds the damage to human life can be catastrophic.

Cantor Injury Law has a proven success record in trucking accident cases. If you were injured, we are here to protect your best interests throughout the legal process.

Trucking accident cases tend to be more complex than most automobile accidents because of the many federal laws governing trucking, and each state has its own trucking laws. Many of these large tractor-trailers travel through every state. Therefore, different laws may apply, depending on exactly where the accident occurred.

A truck has caused harm to you or a loved one, what should you do?

Get Cantor Injury Law on your side as soon as you can!  Many modern semis are equipped with cameras. We will demand the preservation of any recordings made by on board camera systems. Just like airplanes, large commercial trucks maintain “black boxes”. Cantor Injury Law always requires the preservation of black box data. Most trucks manufactured since the 1990’s will have a black box integrated into their engine components. Most devices record data for up to 30 days before the information is recorded over. It’s imperative to request such information. This information is very important! You need Cantor Injury Law to secure that information for you, because the trucking company will do what they can to hide that evidence (unless the collision is not their fault, and then it will be immediately available and presented!)

Semi-truck’s black boxes record events such as:

  • Truck speed just before a crash
  • Sudden braking or acceleration
  • Whether brakes were applied and when
  • Whether the trucker was using cruise control
  • Monthly/Daily truck activity
  • Number of hard stops and the RPM between stops – which may demonstrate that driver’s propensity to drive safely prior to the accident
  • When nearby object sensors are triggered
  • Communications between the trucker and trucking company
  • Driver fatigue
  • Reported mechanical problems
  • Driver’s are required to update their duty status to ensure drivers are not violating the hours of service regulations

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