At Cantor Injury Law, our legal team of St. Louis personal injury lawyers are always working hard for the wrongfully injured. We are excited to be able to say our efforts resolved two cases in one day — Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 — for two different clients, each hurt in a motor vehicle accident.

The first case settled for $2.2 million for a truck accident client, who was struck by a negligent truck driver. Our client was severely injured and absolutely deserved every penny of this amount we secured. Another client was awarded a $1.25 million settlement after being injured in a car accident that was not their fault. We prepared a lawsuit for this client’s case and sent it to American Family Insurance, the client’s insurance company who refused to help them for 18 months. After Attorney Mark Cantor was brought on board, he was able to resolve the case in just three months.

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We are more than proud of these incredible high-end victories for these deserving clients. However, Cantor Injury Law is not there to only fight for justice when multimillion dollar amounts are hanging in the balance. We are also adamant advocates for ordinary people who have been hurt in ordinary accidents and who need much lesser amounts of compensation to recover. A person who slipped and fell in a retail store and missed work for two weeks due to an ankle injury is given the same respect and dedication as a client who was catastrophically injured in a motorcycle accident. This personalized and compassionate service is what we have provided for nearly 30 years, and what we promise to continue to deliver for many, many more years to come.

As a local law firm staffed by local lawyers, we really do care about everyone who comes to our doors for help. We have been in the same office location for decades, allowing us to grow with our community and truly get to know the people in it.

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