Spring is here! In Missouri and Illinois we love our ATVs.

Cantor Injury Law is a Missouri law firm with a Missouri retreat center. Mark Cantor named the retreat CantorLand has a property that is over 100 acres (CantorLand) and he’s used it for years to ATV ride with his friends and family. Unfortunately, as a trial lawyer, Mark knows that ATVs and UTVs are extremely dangerous. ATVs must be driven carefully and by sober drivers and too often they are not.  Drivers must be extra cautious because ATVs don’t have a turning differential – for example, when you turn your car left your front left wheel turns slower than your front right wheel causing your car to not skid. However, that doesn’t happen on an ATV. On an ATV if you’re driving very fast you can turn and it can roll easily because it has a high center of gravity and people can get injured. So if that happens and you’re a passenger, the driver is most likely a friend, family member, or loved one which is difficult because of course you don’t want to sue them. However, this is why insurance exists. Automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, or umbrella insurance may cover your injuries depending on the situation.

Cantor Injury Law can help navigate you through the process of getting money for your injuries from the insurance company. Accidents happen, and that’s why insurance is there! We are here to help in a non-aggressive way to find the best way to recover money even if it’s from a loved one for another loved one.

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