Trucks, Tractors, & Guns

Cantor Injury Law is from Missouri. We know what is truly important in Missouri for size: Your truck, your tractor, and the caliber of your gun.

If you have an ...
injury case in Missouri , you probably want the best, most experienced and successful lawyer and law firm available to you without any money out of your pocket.

So it seems strange, that fat cat lawyers are now advertising almost exclusively about the size of their law firm. It’s a shame some foreign law firm with almost no lawyers in Missouri and little experience are trying to fool you. Morgan and Morgan is tiny here, and the 411 folks refer all of their cases out. Both of those firms are aliens to Missouri and are from Florida.

My name is Mark Cantor and I’m from Missouri. Our law firm is Cantor Injury Law. No other law firm can advertise that they are better than me and our law firm, Cantor Injury Law, because they are not.

Cantor Injury Law is from Missouri and we know what is really important here for size: Your truck, your tractor, and the caliber of your gun. As for law firms, ask around, ask who is AV rated, and ask who are superlawyers. Look at reviews. And if you or a loved one has a real and serious case, call Cantor Injury Law because no law firm can say they are better than us.

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