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Transcript —

So it is our first meeting at Cantor and Associate and you have a Missouri or Illinois workers’ compensation claim. I am going to discuss what you can expect if it is a Missouri workers’ compensation claim and you are here at my office.

First of all, I will personally meet with you and we will review the facts of your case. I will fill out what is called a Form 21, which is the Missouri Claim for Compensation. I will get your pedigree: your name and address. I will get your social security number and your date of birth. We will find out facts about your work injury and how much you were earning. I will ask who you reported your injury to and I will do a detailed interview regarding the facts of your claim. I will ask you to sign a HIPAA compliant medical release form, because I want to collect your medical records. I don’t trust that the insurance company and your employer will provide me with all of your records. I want to have the ability to collect them myself.

I will ask you to sign a contract. The contract will say that I do not charge a fee unless I win. I don’t charge a fee on any non-contested benefits. So, if you are receiving all of your wages while you are off and you are receiving all of your medical bills, I do not take a fee on those things. I do not feel that is right or fair to do. What my law firm does and I do is take a fee on the disputed lump sum payment for either permanent partial or permanent total disability at the end of the case. My contract clearly states that.

I will then file the claim for compensation. The employer and insurer will receive notice from the division of workers’ compensation in Missouri where the claim has been filed. They will receive a notice that says that they have thirty days to answer. So fifteen days after I file the claim, the court sends them notice. Thirty days after that, the employer must answer. That is 45 days. That is a long time. In the interim, me along with my staff and my many paralegals will assist in setting up the file and guiding you through the beginning parts of your claim. Frequently, early in the case, people require more attention and care. We can help you with that.

Please come to us. Bring your questions. You don’t need any money. We will help you. Will get your case started and we will fight it from the beginning to the end. I will never tell you to settle unless it is for a fair amount. You will be my boss. I will explain to you your options and you will tell me what you want me to do. Once you tell me, I will carry out your directions. That is why you hire a lawyer to work for you and against the insurance company or your employer.

Again, I am Mark Cantor. I look forward to meeting you and personally representing you. I can be reached at (314) 628-9999. I look forward to our first visit.

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