Here are the types of documents you should bring:

Medical Records

Bring all medical records pertaining to your injury and the accident from which it occurred. These records will hold detailed information on your injury, treatment, cost of care, as well as additional information that is helpful to the attorney.


Having receipts documenting all expenses incurred from your injury will assist in providing proof of any expenses that will be a part of your claim.

Any correspondence regarding your injury

Bring in all correspondence you have received relating to your injury, whether it be via the insurance company or even the person who caused your injury.

Police Report

If there was a police report associated with your injury, you should be able to obtain a copy for the attorney to review.


If you took photos of the scene of the accident or even of your injury, bring them in as visual evidence.

Pay stubs

If your injury caused you to miss work, bring in your previous pay stubs so that the attorney can properly calculate all damages.

Being prepared for your initial personal injury consultation will give the attorney a better understanding of your case and thus a better ability to properly represent you. Call Cantor Injury Law today to set up a consultation.

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