Trucks are notorious for their large blind spots and poor maneuverability. These inherent flaws make trucks a hazard to other vehicles on the road. We always get the question, “What are the most dangerous areas of a semi-truck”, so we are going to answer it. And if you have been in an accident call one of our St. Louis truck accident attorneys today.

In this infographic created by Cantor Injury Law, we illustrate the most dangerous areas of a truck. It’s in your best interest to move through these hazardous areas quickly (or avoid them altogether) to reduce your chances of an accident.

Most Dangerous Areas Of A Semi-Truck

A major factor in whether it is safe to be in close proximity to a truck is whether or not you can see the truck driver’s face in the truck’s side-view mirror.

If you can see the truck driver’s face in the side-view mirror, then the truck driver can see your vehicle. If you cannot see the truck’s side-view mirrors or the truck driver’s face in the mirrors, assume that you are essentially invisible to the trucker.

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Even if you take the safety precautions we described above, truck accidents can still happen—particularly if the trucker is driving negligently.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a Missouri truck accident, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys can find out if the trucking company is liable and help you recover the compensation you need for any sudden medical expenses.

Now that you know the Most Dangerous Areas Of A Semi-Truck you might have better luck on the roads. But, if not. we have helped countless clients across the state in a similar situation, and we’re here to fight for you too. Call Cantor Injury Law today with your questions or a new case.

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