The law firm of Cantor Injury Law, LLC has successfully handled many eye injuries, which have resulted in large awards, verdicts, and settlements.

We have handled eye injuries as a result of misdiagnosis where doctors have examined an eye and said that one condition existed when in fact it was another. This misdiagnosis caused delay which had the medical condition been properly diagnosed early could have been repaired, but left the client blind. We’ve handled two cases with different facts where delay caused blindness. We are handling a case now and on Friday deposed our Harvard-trained expert on the East Coast.

If you have an eye injury, forgetting about your legal case, you should go and get immediate medical care. For instance, if you have a retina detachment your retina can normally be reattached and you can maintain your vision, but if there is a delay it can lead to blindness.

Car Accident Eye Injury Settlement Case Study

Our firm has also handled traumatic injuries to the eye. Mark Cantor represented a man named Gregory. Gregory worked for Allied Waste and he would drive a large trash hauling vehicle. As part of his job, he would have to sometimes tarp a load which means that he would have to spread a large covering over it and secure it down with bungee cords. On the day in question, Gregory was strapping a load down and the bungee cord snapped back and struck him in the eye. It caused complete blindness in that eye. We were able to resolve the case for a lump sum payment that equated to permanent and total disability because of Gregory’s blindness in that eye, his severe depression, his inability to drive a commercial truck, and the disability that it caused to his entire person.

We are currently representing a gentleman who was injured at work when a co-worker threw an object that struck him in the eye. That caused significant damage to our client’s eye and we have filed a workers’ compensation claim which is being handled by Mark Cantor as well as a civil lawsuit which is being handled by Cantor and Associate. As a result, the law firm of Cantor Injury Law is representing one client for one event that caused significant damage to his eye in both the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Missouri as well as in the state courts.

The law firm has successfully recovered a gentleman who was playing with his child with an imported helicopter. The helicopter would sit on a stand and you would pull a string that would cause the blades to turn and for the helicopter to fly up. Unfortunately, the helicopter blade struck our client in the eye and caused significant injury and blindness to the eye. The case settled for a confidential amount against a confidential defendant but was a very successful recovery. Because the producer or manufacturer imported the product from another country international law applied and the suit was served under the Geneva Convention.

As you can see, Cantor Injury Law has successfully represented clients with eye injuries and blindness as a result of medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, product liability as well and civil negligence. If you have an eye injury, contact Cantor Injury Law.

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