Sharon Honerkamp underwent a total knee replacement and was transported home from the hospital by a private ambulance company in a wheelchair and with a precautionary oxygen tank. Once they arrived at her home, the defendants lodged Ms. Honerkamp, and her wheelchair, in the doorway as they tried to push her into her home. While Ms. Honerkamp and her wheelchair were stuck in the entryway, the ambulance company employees carelessly attempted to pass the heavy oxygen tank over Ms. Honerkamp. Unfortunately, the transporters dropped the oxygen tank directly onto the replaced knee, which fractured her femur and ultimately required her to undergo an additional (and more extensive) knee replacement. The hematoma at the fracture site and the additional surgery led to extensive infections throughout Ms. Honerkamp’s body. The defendant company had no record of the transport ever occurring, much less any record of the oxygen tank being dropped, and was unable to even identify the names of the negligent employee. The only record of the transportation happening was a cancelled check in the amount of $150.00 secured by Cantor Injury Law from Plaintiff ‘s own bank records. Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright represented Ms. Honerkamp and filed suit in her claim. The defendant represented that there was one million dollars of insurance available, but through discovery it was revealed that there was an additional umbrella insurance policy of one million dollars. Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright demanded maximum insurance payouts and ultimately settled to avoid a lengthy courtroom proceeding one month before trial (which was set in October of 2017).

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