Were you recently in a rollover accident that caused a serious injury? Cantor Injury Law has won millions of dollars in Missouri and Illinois rollover cases on multiple theories of liability including product liability, negligence, and negligent supervision. Contact a St. Louis Rollover Accident Lawyer at Cantor Injury law if this sounds familiar.

Mark Cantor resolved an ATV rollover case with serious injuries to a child recently for a large and confidential amount and knows how to win these cases. So even if you were driving, we may be able to succeed for you if the ATV, UTV, or other vehicles you were driving is defective or inherently dangerous.

We can also win if your rollover accident was caused by the negligent behavior of another driver, which resulted in your car rolling over, or if you were a passenger. We can and will find all the insurance available to you through underinsured motorist coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, umbrella liability policies, and any other financial source available to you or an injured loved one after a serious injury. Please call Cantor Injury Law if you need to talk to a rollover accident lawyer today. Cantor Injury Law, located in St. Louis, MO, Warrenton, MO, and Kansas City, Missouri can help. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience with various car accident cases, including rollover accidents.

Rollover Accidents

This type of accident puts everyone involved at great physical risk. If you were involved in a rollover accident in Missouri, it’s important to recognize that Missouri is an “at-fault” state when it comes to car accidents. Simply put, this means that the driver who caused or is responsible for your accident is the one who is financially responsible.

Many rollover accidents in Missouri are unfortunately injuring children. ATVs are fun but extremely dangerous. Because most ATVs have a high center of gravity, and no turning differential, they roll over easily. An adult must not allow a child to drive an ATV dangerously, and when they do, they are negligent. These cases based on negligent entrustment or negligent supervision cause homeowner’s insurance to have liability and to pay on the case. And that is why people pay for homeowners’ insurance, to protect loved ones if they are injured. Cantor has found that most ATV rollover cases happen with family and that the family, once explained how it works, are cooperative.

In cases on the roadway and a rollover, if the driver does not have insurance, your own insurance will cover your injuries as a passenger. If you were in a rollover accident, and have yet to receive any legal redress or compensation to pay for your injuries, bills, loss of wage, or car repair, it’s time to get in touch with a rollover accident lawyer. With a lawyer on your team, you’ll have a better chance of taking your case to trial and winning the money you are owed.

At Canton Injury Law, we have extensive experience working with rollover accidents. We’ll work diligently to build up your case, prove the other driver’s negligence, and show that your accident could have been prevented. You don’t deserve to suffer because another driver wasn’t driving safely. Let our lawyers help rectify the situation.

Compassionate Lawyers

The lawyers at Cantor Injury Law are on your side. We will talk with you to understand your circumstances and then work toward a viable solution. Together we can determine the best course of action moving forward and make it happen. To schedule a free consultation regarding your rollover accident, call 314-628-9999.

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