If you injured your back, we can help. Cantor Injury Law specializes in back injury claims and lawsuits from car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation. Please talk to a St. Louis back injury lawyer at Cantor Injury Law. We are committed to our clients and making sure justice is served when it comes to securing your compensation. Our approach is modern, aggressive, and winning with honor and integrity. And we are local.

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Back Injuries

Back injuries are debilitating. A back injury can range from a disc herniation or disc extrusion to a back sprain, but any injury to your spine is debilitating. Back injuries decrease mobility and your range of motion and functionality, so they take away your freedom. Back injuries cause a physical and financial burden, and must be fought aggressively to win all the money, not just some of the money, you or your loved one deserves. If your back is suffering from circumstances outside your control or the negligence of others, then you could be eligible to have the guilty party pay for your medical and recovery bills. Our back injury lawyers will go over your case with you during a free initial consultation and then help you move forward toward compensation.

Expert testimony and treatment are critical to winning a serious back injury case in Missouri or Illinois. Cantor Injury Law will help you get medical care from a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, a neurologist, a pain management medical doctor, or all of the above. Cantor will make certain your back injury is properly diagnosed by MRI, not just an x-ray, and will prepare you and the experts for trial. The only way to win all the money possible is with the threat of trial in a Missouri back injury case, and Cantor Injury Law’s Mark Cantor has won some of the largest awards in Missouri ever recorded.

Cantor Knows How To Win Back Injury Cases

Cantor is an expert at knowing how to win. Mark Cantor is an adjunct Professor of law and comes from a family that knows both the law and medicine. Cantor’s father is a Professor at Washington University and a Pediatric Neurologist Medical Doctor, Dr. Harvey E. Cantor. So Cantor Injury Law has the advantage of having serious back injury cases reviewed in-house by a retired neurologist. Cantor Injury Law has won back injury cases in the St. Louis area for thirty years. Cantor will fund the case entirely and you don’t need any money for a case review.

Whether you were in a boat or a car accident, an animal attack, a work injury, or anything in between, our back injury lawyers are experienced and confident when it comes to taking on new back injury cases. We will carefully review your case, gather evidence, and compile the necessary documentation to get your case moving forward.

We’ll be with you from the initial consultation and litigation proceedings, all the way through to negotiating with insurance. Together we’ll find solutions that work for you that are fair and just.

Contact our team today to tell us about your situation. From there, we’ll let you know how we can help and what the best approach to your case will be. And, we don’t charge any fees unless we win so don’t hesitate to call to get started right away. Don’t settle for the little doe, get the Big Bucks with Cantor Injury Law. You can reach us at 314-628-9999.

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