An injury that requires amputation can leave you in an incredibly difficult situation financially. Whether your amputation injury occurred at work, or due to the negligence of others, our team of St. Louis amputation lawyers at Cantor Injury Law is here to help you receive the compensation you need. Our law firm in St. Louis, MO, is ready to help you win your case to help you get back on your feet financially.

We understand that going through an injury that required an amputation can leave you with costly medical bills, and the injury can make getting a new job more difficult than before. Let our team of legal advocates help make sure you are covered during this difficult time.

Our Team of Skilled St. Louis Amputation Lawyers

At Cantor Injury Law, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest level of service, and the best legal advice in St. Louis, MO.

Mark Cantor has some of the highest awards in the entire state of Missouri for amputation injuries. Mark Cantor once one a client that had four fingers amputated at work millions of dollars between his work comp case, prosthetics, future medical expense, a civil liability claim, and social security. The client is now financially secure.

Cantor won a case for a client with an arm amputation after a co-worker threw the lead line of his climbing rope in a wood chipper and it caused his arm to be lost at the shoulder.

Cantor won a motorcycle injury case with a leg amputation after a speeding car failed to yield at an intersection. Cantor won the policy limits and all the insurance available for the motorcycle driver with a leg amputation.

Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind while we help you create a strong case that you can take to court, which will help you receive the financial compensation you deserve to cover any medical and living expenses.

Whether your injury happened at work, occurred in a car accident, or was due to any other form of negligence, we have the tools and expertise to create a winning case that will save you time and money. Additionally, at Cantor Injury Law you will not owe us anything until your case is won. We are confident in our abilities to help you win your case.

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