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St. Louis Animal Attack Attorneys

Legal Representation Against Animal Attacks & Dog Bites

At Cantor Injury Law we love our pets. But we also train them not to harm others. Mark Cantor is a pet owner himself but believes that anyone that owns an animal must accept responsibility if their animal wrongly harms another and that there is no exception to this rule. So train your pets and if you are injured by someone else's pet, call us! We can help. (Most of the time the animal owner's homeowner's insurance in Missouri and Illinois will cover the claim and we can win you money.)

In Missouri the law was changed a couple of years ago to match Mark's opinion that an owner must be responsible. An owner is strictly liable for the consequences of a dog attack. The sooner you call us, the quicker we can help secure the evidence, send you to appropriate medical providers, and win your case.

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Visiting another person's property or public property should never end in you being injured. If it does, such as in the case of an animal attack or dog bite, it is imperative that you reach out to our St. Louis personal injury attorneys. Regardless of the severity of your injury, you may be in need of more medical attention or rehabilitative care than you initially think. In addition to your hospital and medical expenses, you may deal with lost wages for an extended period of time. At Cantor Injury Law, we have your best interest in mind and work to see that your rights are protected in court and that the responsible person is brought to justice.

There are a few factors which may affect your animal attack or dog bite case:

  • That you were rightfully on the property on which you were attacked or bitten
  • That the dog or animal in question was not properly trained or restrained
  • That the defendant in question owns the dog and did not exercise proper caution
  • That the animal owner knew of the animal's prior vicious propensities

What to Do About Your Dog Bite

Once we have a good idea of the severity of your injury and have gathered the evidence of how the incident occurred, we can begin building a case on your behalf. We work to put together a workable strategy or argument that will hold up in court against even the most powerful legal team. Dog bites and animal attacks are a very common occurrence, but they should not go unpunished. There are several ways in which animal owners can be held liable for the acts of their animal, including strict liability and negligence. There may be financial damages available to you if you hire our St. Louis personal injury attorneys and firm to file a personal injury suit on your behalf.

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