Motorcycle riding is dangerous. While car accident fatalities are high, passengers in cars at least have the metal body of the vehicle to protect them. Not only do bikers lack that extra layer of protection, but the motorcycle itself could also crush the rider. In 2015, 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes, and another 88,000 were injured. Here are a few motorcycle safety tips for staying safe on the road.

1. Stay Out Of Blind Spots

a car's blind spot

It’s hard to get people to pay attention to your bike unless it happens to be louder than their radio. People are often easily distracted, so they may move into your lane with only a quick check in their side mirror. If you’re in their blind spot, they may not hesitate to go right into your space. While they might have the luxury of checking their phone while they drive, you don’t. As a motorcycle rider, you need to pay attention to every single detail possible, including taking hints from cars or trucks who may not see you.

2. Slow Down On Turns

Blind corners are especially dangerous for bikers. If you can’t see what’s far enough ahead to avoid, you’re going to roll ride over it. For example, if you’re going too fast on a blind turn, you may not see a patch of oil, sand, dirt, or gravel in the road ahead. Any kind of unusual debris could either get stuck in your wheel or completely throw you off if your bike skids. Slow down in the turn and pick up speed on the way out to improve your chances of avoiding obstacles.

3. Wear Protective Gear

Motorcycle safety tips, protective gear

It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, a helmet and other protective gear are essential in a motorcycle accident. For example, a protective jacket could save you from losing your skin or catching an infection if you crash at high speed. Without one, you lose an inch of skin, muscle, and bone for every mile per hour you were traveling at the time of the crash. How much can you afford to lose?

4. Avoid Parked Cars

A huge motorcycle safety tip is to avoid parked cars. Parked cars are a huge danger to motorcycles and bicycles, who sometimes try to keep out of the way of traffic. Often, drivers will simply open a car door without checking to see if they are about to impede the path of someone else. Crashing into a car door at high speed is bad enough, but if you try to dodge around them, it could be even worse for you. Many injuries and fatalities occur as bikers swerve to avoid the car door and move right into the path of a vehicle in the next lane.

5. Don’t Drive In Poor Weather

bad weather on a road

If you only ride your bike for fun, and not to get to work, avoid your joy rides in dangerous weather. Rain, snow, and sleet provide a hazardous environment for motorcycles and other vehicles on the road. Not only is visibility clouded by the weather, but the roads themselves are slick with water, ice, and dislodged motor oil. If you absolutely must rely on your motorcycle for transportation, at least wait a good hour before the rain falls to head out on the road. By that time, most of the oil that has collected on the road will have dispersed.

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