As summer unfolds, so do the risks associated with the season’s activities. In a recent episode of Fox2’s “Ask The Expert,” Mark Cantor was interviewed about Missouri summertime injuries. From poolside incidents to outdoor mishaps, the conversation offers practical insights into staying safe during the Missouri summer. Join us as we explore Mark Cantor’s valuable advice on navigating potential dangers and enjoying a safe summer.

Fox2 “Ask The Expert” With Mark Cantor – Missouri Summertime Injuries

Interviewer: We all love getting into the warmer weather, but spring and summer activities unfortunately do come with injuries. This next segment has been sponsored by Cantor Injury Law, and joining me now is Mark Cantor. He’s the founder of Cantor Injury Law. Mark, thanks for being here with us today.

Mark Cantor: Thank you so much for having me.

Interviewer: Of course. And I mean, the word is getting out. You are a premier local trial lawyer. We’ve won some awards from your peers. Tell us a little bit more.

Mark Cantor: So, Cantor Injury Law has been practicing exclusively in the St. Louis area representing injury victims and their families for 30 years. You saw our sign, don’t take the small dough from the insurance company, get the big bucks with Cantor injury law. Lots of people are advertising now, but I think people are better served by a local and aggressive winning law firm. So that’s Cantor injury law. Yeah,

Interviewer: We definitely want the big bucks. I mean, if you’ve been injured, you know, want to go to a lawyer that’s going to help you win some money. And we know that spring is here, summer is right around the corner, and unfortunately those outdoor activities that people can get involved in can sometimes unfortunately result in injuries. What do you have to say to that?

Mark Cantor: Well, first of all, if it’s fun, it’s normally dangerous. I love riding the boat and jet skiing and we have horses and animals and we’re out there having fun, but it’s dangerous. So you got to do it carefully. You’ve got to use that degree of care that a very careful person would use under the same or similar circumstance. That’s what negligence is. If you’re the operator of a jet ski or a boat. So let’s be careful, your homeowner’s insurance will cover some of that. So you have insurance, but be careful out there.

Interviewer: And speaking of being careful, I mean, what is the standard of responsibility when it comes to driving a boat or driving a jet ski or an ATV?

Mark Cantor: Well, that’s just it. The highest degree of care, like an automobile. So it’s like playing with dynamite. You have to be super careful because otherwise someone’s going to get hurt or killed, and so let’s have fun. Let’s do all these things, but let’s do ’em safely and with a high degree of care. 

Interviewer: Let’s be careful. What about swimming pools? Is the liability about the same when it comes to swimming?

Mark Cantor: Well, swimming pools are premises liability. So in Missouri, there’s only a liability if it’s a dangerous, hidden condition of property. So if someone’s running on a pool deck and it’s wet and they slip and fall, there’s probably not a case. Now, maybe there was something defective, maybe it was a slick surface or something like that. But the standard is, and that’s covered by homeowners insurance for sure. But as a landowner, you’ve got to be careful and your guests, you’ve got to warn them if there’s dangerous conditions, if there’s a problem with the pool or something like that. But we see so many drowning cases in Missouri, and it’s tragic every year. It happens at about this time. So parents, be extra safe. Guard your family and your loved ones around the pool for sure.

Interviewer: I mean, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to injuries. What about trampolines or play sets, maybe even motorcycles right? 

Mark Cantor: We see those constantly. I mean, trampolines are a lot of fun, but you have to use ’em safely. You don’t want five kids on there. Having a Russell Royal and without netting motorcycles, let’s be careful of all my motorcycle friends. Protect them on the road. They have a right to be there, drive safely around them. We’re seeing I got hurt with the chainsaw a week ago. You have to be extra careful, even if you’re being pretty careful. You have to be super careful when you’re using dangerous things.

Interviewer: Okay, well that is my biggest takeaway for today. Super careful, extra careful, highest degree of care in St. Louis. If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation, Cantor Injury Law is here to help you. You can visit them online at, or you can pick up the phone and give them a call. That number and to dial is 314.628.9999. He’s a homegrown Missouri lawyer in St. Louis. He wants to make sure that you are taken care of if you find yourself injured.

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