At Cantor and Associate we represent clients with serious leg injuries. Just this last year, I represented a person with lower leg fractures as well as muscle ruptures as a result of a work related injury. As a result of Gary’s and mine over 40 years of combined experience, we have seen nearly every type of leg injury possible from the minor bruises and contusions to the serious compound fractures, dislocations and muscle tears. These injuries commonly arise from auto and motorcycle accidents, falls, work injuries, trampoline accidents, and an array of other causes. If you have a serious leg injury, please call us at so we can help. We do not charge a fee unless we win and then we only take a percentage of the amount recovered and our expenses.

There are many muscles and tendons in the leg, but the most frequent tendon that we see injured is the Achilles. We have seen clients with both complete tears of the Achilles tendon which is also called a rupture and we have seen partial tears. The partial tears generally occur over a period of time, but can be caused by work from overuse and repetitive motion. We have also seen many fractured bones. The primary bones of the leg are the femur which is in your upper leg or thigh, the patella which basically is your knee, the tibia which is the large bone in your lower leg and the fibula which is the smaller bone in your leg. I once represented an older man who fell and severely fractured his hip while walking his small dog on a leash. Another dog ran to attack my client’s dog, and the little dog ran around my client and the leash caught my clients’ leg causing him to fall. We deserved to win and did because the other dog was in violation of the local leash law, and had the dog been restrained the accident would not have occurred.

Years ago I fractured my fibula while sparring and had a hairline fracture of my fibula, so I personally have experience the pain of a leg fracture – even though the doctors told me that is a non weight bearing bone it was painful and took a long time to heal. I had to walk in one of those moon boots for a period of weeks and eventually the leg healed, but enough about me, the point is that in order to win these cases you need to know the anatomy and you need to have a lawyer that has the resources, knowledge and ability to handle them. Obviously, there are many more types of a leg injuries than I have described here including frequent knee problems, including ACL tears and PCL tears which we see commonly, medial meniscus injuries, ect… (By the way a medial meniscus is never surgically repaired; they simply go in and carve it out. The medial meniscus is the pad between your knee, it is a thin piece of material that when it tears they simply go in and carve out the torn section. It is never replaced and it forever causes disability despite what the doctors say.)

If you have a leg injury, call us so we can help at . We will likely be familiar with your type of injury and if we are not, we will immediately educate ourselves so that we can best represent you in securing the maximum recoverable amount under the law.

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