Staying in shape and getting exercise during this pandemic is important. Many people are taking walks around their neighborhoods, and plenty are bringing their dogs with them. All dog-owners have an obligation to keep their neighbors (and their own furry friends) safe!

Some things to consider next time you’re taking your dog for a walk:

Leashes: in most areas, leashes are required by law. Make sure your dog is controlled with a leash that is appropriate for their size and breed. Retractable leashes can be difficult to use when large dogs are pulling away, so try and use a thicker lead to keep your pets safe.

Footwear: wear appropriate shoes so you can control your dog if the need arises. Sandals can make running difficult, so shoes with laces are preferred.

Hands: keep your hands free of your cell phone or coffee so you can firmly grasp the leash when needed. There are a lot more people and dogs out walking now and your hands should be ready to react if something arises.

Waste: pick up after your dogs! It may not make your walks safer, but your neighbors will certainly appreciate it.

Remember, it’s not just your dog you have to worry about – but everyone else’s too! These tips will give you better control of your animal, and will help keep your family and your neighborhood safe.

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