If you are in an automobile accident and the person at fault does not have auto insurance coverage, a claim must be filed with your auto insurance carrier for uninsured motorist coverage. Insurance companies are cheap and we sue them regularly when they refuse to pay a fair amount, which is nearly always. After we file your lawsuit your uninsured motorist insurer will need to be served a summons.

So how do you know who to serve? Insurance is a highly regulated industry in Missouri, so in order for insurance companies to do business they must be registered with The Missouri Secretary of State. The Department of Insurance is overseen by the Secretary of State, and the government acts as a gate keeper for the sale of insurance. Insurance companies must allow the director of insurance to accept service on their behalf.

This is to protect Missouri citizens from out of state insurance companies. For example: If a Missouri citizen is injured and a foreign insurance company extends coverage to that injury, all the Missouri citizen has to do is serve the Missouri Secretary of State Department of Insurance as opposed to tracking down the out of state insurance company to make a claim.

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