A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), found that Highway 63, which runs the length of Missouri, has the highest rate of fatal crashes of any road in the state.

In total, 158 crashes and 179 fatalities happened on this highway over the last 10 years.

Learn what makes Highway 63 so dangerous and what state agencies are doing to improve the road.

A Two-Lane Danger

Certain sections of Highway 63 are two-lane and have several sharp turns. This can prove dangerous, and often fatal, for motorists traveling at high speeds on this road.

Additionally, the Missouri Department of Transportation district engineer David Silvester states that many problems with Highway 63 happen due to side road traffic.

According to Silvester, “…we’ve had a lot of locations along four-lane highways, particularly where we have great intersections, so we have traffic approaching from the side road and we may have some crashes that end up in a T-Bone.”

Making Highway 63 Safer

Missouri DOT estimates that it would cost approximately $300 million to upgrade Highway 63 into a divided four-lane expressway.

In an effort to divide that large price tag into smaller increments, some suggest making staggered safety improvements to the most dangerous parts of the highway, including intersections and passing lanes. This would amount to $20 million worth of improvements.

Still, efforts have stalled as voters recently rejected a 10-cent gas hike that would help pay for the project.

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