Disc herniation is among the most common injuries that people sustain during a devastating car accident. However, proving that a disc herniation was the result of an auto accident can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have a skilled lawyer on your side. In this blog, we explain what you need to know about filing a personal injury claim for a herniated disc.

What Is a Disc Herniation?

A clipboard with a printed spine with a herniated disc

A disc herniation occurs when your spinal disc at the cervical (neck) thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar spine (lower back) is pushed past its regular boundaries. The disc pops outside the area it is supposed to be and ends up compressing a nerve results in radiating pain. When the compression occurs in the lumbar spine, it can create a radiating pain that travels down your legs. A radiologist or another doctor may refer to a lumbar disc bulge or spondylosis at L4-L5, for example. (The very low back is the coccygeal region or “tail bone”.) If the compression is in your neck, you usually experience pain running down your arms. An orthopedic surgeon may call that a cervical disc protrusion at C4-C5. You may also hear a doctor say that there exists a dural tear.

Proving a Disc Herniation Personal Injury Claim

A disc herniation is a serious medical condition that requires proper medical treatment to alleviate the negative symptoms. If your disc herniation was caused by a car accident, you will need an MRI that proves your condition and an orthopedic surgeon to explain how the collision caused your injuries.

Many people who undergo an MRI will discover they have some disc pathology, even if they haven’t been in a car accident. If you had no pain before your collision, you will need to have a medical professional link your condition to the accident you were involved in.

Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis

At Cantor Injury Law, LLC, we are committed to helping clients obtain fair compensation for their accident injuries. Our lawyers will set you up with the appropriate medical doctors to have your herniated disc personal injury claim assessed so that you can get a fair diagnosis. Our goal is to maximize the value of your personal injury case, which is why we don’t charge a fee unless we win your case.

Determining the value of your disc injury can be tricky, but our skilled lawyers will find out how much insurance is available in your case before we start the negotiation process. Cantor Injury Law routinely wins disc herniation cases and severe spinal injury cases including paralysis cases. Let us put our skills and extensive resources to work for you today.

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