Gunshot Wounds

A Win After a Gunshot

After a gun or weapon injury, the person that attacks will claim the injury was negligent. At Cantor Injury Law, we know how to turn that criminal defense tactic into financial compensation and can win you homeowners insurance liability coverage after a gun or weapon injury. Call today to speak with one of our St. Louis Gunshot Lawyers.

If you are shot or injured on a commercial property, Cantor Injury Law can pursue commercial insurance to get you paid for your pain and suffering after a gun or weapon injury. You just need to call Cantor Injury law today and let us know about your gunshot injuries.

Successful St. Louis Gun Injury Lawyers

After a gunshot to the face, Cantor won a client the policy limits from her ex-boyfriend’s homeowner’s insurance. The original offer, in that case, was no money because the prosecutors had sought a felony conviction. The girlfriend had revealed to her boyfriend that she was pregnant with someone else’s baby and was then shot. The criminal defendant was prosecuted and then claimed the shooting was accidental. Cantor used that criminal defense to win the policy limits by settlement in a civil case.

Cantor Injury Law has won millions of dollars from various insurance companies after gunshot wounds. Cantor knows how to win premise liability cases after a shooting from commercial policies of insurance.

A Legal Team You Can Trust

At Cantor Injury Law, no money is needed to retain excellent representation for a gun wound case.

To get started on your case, give us a call at 314-628-9999 and receive a free consultation. We can help you create a legal strategy to help you during this difficult time.

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