Our team at Cantor Injury Law, LLC is proud to announce that our firm is now going paperless. Law firms go through countless sheets and boxes of paper each day recording cases, statements, depositions, and other legal documents, leading to an enormous use of paper. In an effort to find a better organizational system for our files and to help the environment, our firm has decided to forgo paper files in favor of digital ones instead. All of our previous files and all future files moving forward will now be digitally stored for client convenience and to reduce our firm’s carbon footprint.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

Going paperless means our clients can now access their documents and files at the touch of a button. If you have any questions about your case, you can now search for the relevant terms electronically and store your necessary documents on your computer. This can also help you save room in your home office or filing cabinet at home. Instead of finding places for your folders and papers, you can now store them digitally.

In addition to helping our clients, going paperless can also help our firm improve our efficiency. We can find and read case files much more efficiently, which can help us save time when researching for our cases. We now have immediate access to our clients’ information at the touch of a button.

To learn more about how much paper we’re saving, watch our “We Are Paperless!” video.

Our Firm Cares About the Environment

Law firms use an enormous amount of paper each day. Not only do firms use paper copies of documents and files, they also must maintain file cabinets or storage units to hold each of their documented cases. For firms with a large volume of cases, this can become very extensive. Instead of wasting paper and materials in storage units, paperless firms can contain all files on a server, saving time and wasting fewer resources.

Paper production is leading to deforestation across the globe, and most of the paper we use in the U.S. is still collected from endangered forests. The more paper our country uses, the more trees we lose. Besides this obvious loss, paper production also causes groundwater pollution because the chlorine used to bleach paper harms the environment as well. According to National Geographic, the large amounts of energy required to fuel the production and transportation of paper also leads to anthropogenic global warming.

By moving to a paper-free system, our firm is doing our part to help save the environment, all while adopting a simpler system for our clients.

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