Today we will be discussing a St. Louis DUI drag racing incident that killed an elderly woman.

First of all, if something like this happens to you, be sure to contact one of our St. Louis car accident lawyers today. Scott Bailey, the founding attorney at Bailey Law LLC, was recently arrested after being in a car accident that killed an elderly woman. The accident, which happened on Friday, July 8th at around 9:15 pm, is believed to have been caused by drag racing and driving while intoxicated. Bailey and another man, Haven A. Sooter, were racing their vehicles when they struck an SUV, driven by 73-year-old Kathleen “Kay” Koutroubis.

Kathleen, a grandmother to five children and said to have been driving home after feeding a homebound friend, was fatally injured in the accident. Even though she was alert at the scene of the wreck, she passed over the weekend due to internal injuries.

Sooter and Bailey are now being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Bailey, who refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, has already filed suit to fight his driver’s license revocation.

When Tragedy Meets The Law

It is always a tragedy to lose a family member or a member of the community to a senseless act like this, but knowing that this event was caused by an individual who makes a career out of defending people like Kathleen Koutroubis makes the pain feel much worse. As a personal injury attorney, Scott Bailey knew the consequences of his negligent actions. A wonderful woman died because he decided to drive drunk and recklessly.

At Cantor Injury Law, LLC, we believe that no matter if you are an officer or an attorney, if you represent the law you should be held to a higher standard. As a personal injury lawyer in St Louis, Mark Cantor has represented numerous victims and their families, handling cases ranging from car accident injuries to wrongful death. He understands the importance of his position and how it affects the lives of his clients.

St. Louis DUI Drag Race Case Video

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