Auto accidents are often traumatic and chaotic — so it is important to do everything correctly to avoid more damage after a collision. With all the physical, mental, and emotional pain and stress after a roadway crash, many people make mistakes and cause themselves even more harm.

You should know the three simple R rules of roadway collisions to protect yourself and your family

1. Report the Accident

The first rule is so important that there are absolutely no exceptions. When you’re in an auto accident, regardless of the circumstances, you need to report it. Generally, this means calling 911 and informing emergency services of the situation.

The police officers who respond to your accident will ask a series of standard questions, so simply keep your answers brief and to the point. If you have any specific concerns, for example, if you think the other driver involved in the accident was on the phone or maybe intoxicated or if you noticed they were driving erratically just before the accident, share this information with the police officer.

The Highway Patrol or police department will later issue a comprehensive accident report that contains a great deal of vital information regarding the circumstances of the accident and the other driver. This report can be valuable in proving your case later.

2. Request Medical Care

Medical care is crucial after any auto accident, even if you’re not sure whether you have a serious injury or not. You should accept ambulance transport to the hospital because the hospital has all the medical equipment needed for an in-depth evaluation. If you don’t want to go to the hospital, visit an urgent care provider or your own physician as soon as possible after the accident (ideally, within a day or so). This medical care is important for your health and the viability of your injury case. If you have pain do not delay in getting the medical care you need – that is a major mistake and will leave a jury wondering if you were truly injured

When you get medical care, your doctor carefully documents the injury and your recovery. Like the accident report, your medical records often play an integral role in your auto accident injury case later.

3. Reach out to Cantor Injury Law for a free consultation

While reporting your accident and getting medical care are both important, your auto accident case could still go wrong if you don’t get help from an attorney. Even when fault is clear, sometimes an insured driver lies, and that gives the insurance company an excuse to not pay or to pay too little —that’s why you need Cantor Injury Law, they only handle injury cases.

Cantor Injury Law explores every aspect of your damages closely, including physical injury, emotional pain, time lost from work, and long-term accident effects, to ensure maximum compensation. The attorneys at Cantor Injury Law have extensive experience with negotiation, which means they handle all the back-and-forth with the insurance company while you focus on recovery.

But if the responsible person’s insurance provider won’t give you the compensation you’re entitled to, Cantor Injury Law will get your money through litigation. When you go to court, a jury decides how much money you’re owed.

Most insurance companies try very hard to avoid litigation because it’s a time-consuming process that often costs them even more money. Of course, this motivates insurance companies to work with your lawyer, and that means you have a good chance of getting a settlement rather than going to court.

At Cantor Injury Law, we maximize your compensation so you can spend your energy on getting well. Reach out to our team of personal injury experts by phone or through online messaging now.

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