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Lower Body Injuries

Workers' Compensation Attorneys in St. Louis

Lower body injuries are not uncommon in the workplace, but because people regularly walk most of their lives it is sometimes difficult to prove in workers' compensation cases that work was the prevailing cause of injury and not degenerative change. Employers and their insurers fight hard to show that age and degeneration or arthritis are the underlying cause of injury in hopes of avoiding payment of workers’ compensation. If you suffer a foot, ankle, hip or knee injury at work it is important to make a very clear record of the lower body injury and how it occurred. You should also contact a injury attorney right away. At Cantor Injury Law, we can guide you through the workers’ compensation process and accurately document both the cause and the need for care of your lower body injury.

We encourage you to call us immediately if you have a lower body injury so that we can begin protecting your rights as early in the case as possible. If you are not sure that you want to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your case, you can take advantage of our free case consultation. We will discuss the merits of your work comp claim and outline your options for receiving workers' compensation benefits.

As we have mentioned before on this site, workers’ compensation does not pay for pain and suffering, but only permanent partial disability. The amount of compensation you receive is often determined by the location and severity of the lower body injury.

Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries are some of the most common lower body injuries we encounter, and the medial meniscus tear is among the most frequently reported. The medial meniscus is a small pad that separates the bones in your knee. This knee injury is most commonly repaired by removing the part of the meniscus that is torn. In our opinion, this causes permanent partial disability at the knee because a portion of the knee is removed forever. In our experience we have found that insurance company doctors frequently evaluate medial meniscus tears as having 0% or minimal disability. According to the disability compensation chart, knee injuries are only worth 160 weeks of disability payment. The knee is only worth 160 weeks of two thirds of your pay (which equates to 106.6 weeks of pay) and that is if your leg is cut off at the knee! If the insurance company doctor evaluates your disability at 5%, they will offer you two thirds of your average weekly wage multiplied by 8, which is the equivalent of around five full weeks of pay. Cantor Injury Law will also represent you in your knee injury or patella fracture case.

Ankle Injuries

According to the disability compensation chart ankle injuries are worth 155 weeks of pay at two-thirds of your average weekly wage. The insurer often argues that ankle injuries are only worth 150 weeks in the most severe cases. The disability compensation chart is drawn to favor employers and insurance companies. According to the chart, the ankle is worth 150 weeks and the midfoot is worth 110 weeks. Again, compensation is only two thirds of your salary and the weekly totals are often far underestimated.

Hip Injuries

Hip injuries are based on a value of 207 weeks of pay, but insurers often argue that hip injuries are only worth 160 weeks, which is the equivalent of a severe knee injury! Cantor Injury Law can help with your hip fracture, hip replacement or hip surgery case. We also frequently represent claimants and lower body injury victims with leg fracture cases related to anterior cruciate ligament damage and tibia and fibula fractures.

Cantor Injury Law routinely wins lower body Missouri workers’ compensation cases. We encourage you to call us immediately if you have a lower body injury caused by a work accident so that we can begin protecting your rights as early in the case as possible. Insurance companies will frequently argue that once a fracture is healed that the claimant has no disability.

Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Cantor Injury Law at (314) 485-4005 so we can get you the medical attention, lost wages, and lump sum payment you deserve for your permanent partial disability or permanent total disability.

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