Rules to follow from Mark Cantor and Cantor Injury Law to protect the value of your serious injury case (number 4 is important too):

  • Always have a police report prepared in a roadway collision and an incident report prepared in a premise liability case.
  • Do not ever provide a recorded statement to the other side’s insurance company without our help.
  • Get appropriate and immediate medical care. The care you receive makes a diary of your complaints, recorded by credible sources, and explains your harms and losses to a jury. Don’t delay. Take care of yourself and we will do all the rest for you. If you do not have access to medical providers we can help you with that too, but you need to receive care.
  • If you are not truly hurt, don’t pursue an injury claim – you are wasting your time, your money, the doctors time, my time, and a judge or jury will know. We can and will help you win a real injury case and get you all the money you deserve – but a bad case is always bad. So please don’t waste our time. And if you ever have a legitimate case later, you will always have a history of your claim and the defense will find it. And even though the insurance company is likely cheating you on your property damage claim, don’t waste your efforts being “made whole” by hiring a lawyer for a meaningless case because it hurts you in the end. Trust me.
  • Do not post information about your injury or the facts of your case on social media and know that the defense will be looking at your Facebook page and other social media for your deposition and trial.
  • Cantor Injury Law has a powerful team and we will assist you every step of the way, but most of the time the case is stronger if you hire us early in the process. We do not charge a fee unless you win and you don’t need any money to hire us. If we lose, you owe is nothing. 314-628-9999.
  • Ethical requirements require this statement “The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.”
  • My name is Mark Cantor and I will personally meet you at my office. And if your case is for large damages, I will personally handle your case. Although I recently started advertising, I have practiced injury law since 1993. Ask any lawyer you hire who will help you and what experience they have. We all know that past results do not guarantee future results, but to illustrate that I can help you be successful, in August 2016 I won:
    • $966,000.00 for a deserving client who was offered a pittance of $500 before we helped
    • $800,0000.00 for a Client injured at work
    • $101,000.00 for a man injured from falling off a ladder
    • $100,000.00 for a man injured from a motorcycle collision
    • $405,000.00 for a man after a car collision
    • And a few hundred thousand dollars for a handful of others, while also rejecting significant financial settlement offers as too little and preparing for trial. You get the point, this is all we do.
  • Even if you don’t hire Cantor Injury Law, if you have a serious injury case it is my experience that without a lawyer you will get significantly less money, even after attorney fees, so you should lawyer up.
  • In Missouri to collect money for non-economic damages (commonly called pain and suffering), the law requires that you must have had insurance on your vehicle, or have had valid automobile insurance within six months before your collision.
  • I am privileged to do what I do and would love the opportunity to represent you! No money is needed to hire us.

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