When You Get Bitten by a Dog, What is the Treatment?

When You Get Bitten by a Dog, What is the Treatment?

Dog bites can happen very quickly, and without warning. Even if you are playing with a dog you are familiar with, one wrong move can cause them to quickly get defensive and lash out. If this happens, you should react fast to minimize your injuries.

When a dog bites you, what is the treatment?

How to Treat Dog Bites

If you are bitten by a dog, you should give the wound immediate attention to ensure a successful healing process. A quick response is the best course of action for how to handle dog bites.

Your first priority should be cleaning the bite. Start by washing the bite gently with soap and water, and apply antibiotic cream periodically for treatment. After cleaning out the wound, stop the bleeding and apply a bandage. In addition to the antibiotic cream, continuous treatment should include frequent bandage changes and close monitoring. Preventing infection is a top concern for dog bite healing, and it can be avoided with proper cleanings and checks for any negative developments.

All dog bites should be examined by a doctor. They may provide further cleaning, as well as give you antibiotics to prevent infection. More severe injuries may require stitches. Regardless of the severity of the injury, you should always seek medical attention after getting bitten by a dog to ensure you receive the proper treatment.

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