Are Dog Bites Dangerous?

Are Dog Bites Dangerous?

The severity of a dog bite injury varies widely between cases. The size and aggression level of the dog will have an effect, and a number of additional factors can contribute to the harm caused by the bite. Regardless of the size of a wound, dog bites and infection are always a concern.

Can Dog Bites Get Infected?

A dog bite can get infected if it is not properly treated and cleaned. A thorough cleaning is essential treatment for preventing the infection of a dog bite, but you should also be sure to seek medical attention immediately. Even if your wound is small and you believe it can be treated with just soap, water, and clean bandages, you should see a doctor. A doctor can assess your risk of infection and provide antibiotics if needed.

Common infections that can result from dog bites include:

  • Rabies – Dog bites and rabies are commonly associated. While the risk of rabies is not as common as popular culture may lead you to believe, the effects of rabies are very serious. Rabies can cause spasms, mental conditions, paralysis, other brain-related issues, and death.
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – Dogs with MRSA may not exhibit symptoms of this antibiotic-resistant staph infection. In humans, MRSA can infect the skin, lungs, bloodstream, and urinary tract. An MRSA infection can be fatal.
  • Pasteurella An infection caused by Pasteurella can cause pain and redness at the wound, swollen glands and joints, and limited movement. It is particularly dangerous for people with weaker immune systems.
  • Capnocytophaga People with immune system deficiencies are more commonly affected by this strain of bacteria, which does not cause issues for the carrier dog.

Can Dog Bites Cause Tetanus?

There is a link between dog bites and tetanus. All dog bites do have the potential to cause tetanus, but it is generally more common in deep bites. If you have not been vaccinated for tetanus in over five years, you should see a doctor to address this concern. Your doctor may be able to provide a booster shot to prevent the development of tetanus.

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