Missouri Workers' Compensation: You Need a Lawyer Who Tries Cases to Win Yours

Missouri Workers' Compensation: You Need a Lawyer Who Tries Cases to Win Yours

It’s Labor day today. My clients should be resting and the country should be recalling the hard manual and physical labor it took to build this nation. I am thankful of their hard work, but i am working today. I feel like my work is for those that help build this country and do the real work as my task is to fight for them. I am preparing for a trial tomorrow for a lady who has a work injury.

The issue in my trial tomorrow will not be whether we win. We will win. The only real issue is the value of a couple work related surgeries, and if another wrist surgery is necessary. Everybody in this case, including the employer’s doctor, agrees that my client developed carpal tunnel syndrome and needed a shoulder surgery because of her work, yet the defense never offered a single cent until Friday and then it was a lowball offer.

We have been fighting the case for over a year now, had two surgeries, and no offer. Why is that? It’s because the defense wants to starve you out and stress you out, and then offer you a low amount of money in the hopes you will settle and that your lawyer will not do the hard work to win. That strategy does not work with me or my law partner. In fact, the lawyer made three offers by the end of day on Friday. The last offer was more than the judge recommended at mediation. But that was four months ago and since then we spent over fifteen hundred dollars getting ready for trial. I advised my client and the offer was rejected. The defense lawyer will likely offer more money on Tuesday as we walk in to trial, but it is too late. I am well prepared and think we are going to wipe the streets with them.

My client’s initial diagnosis was bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. That means the company knows she has a problem in BOTH WRISTS. Yet care was only provided for in one wrist. Why? Because the company insurance analysts and adjustors are hoping you will go away and your lawyer will not fight for you. It’s sad, but with a lot of other law firms that strategy works and so the insurers do it. The lawyer makes his money, and you are left stranded.

The bottom line, is you hire a lawyer to fight for you. The real fight is at a final hearing, a trial of your issues. This is my seventh workers compensation trial in nine weeks. That is a lot, actually more than I have ever done in a row. And a few other cases scheduled for trial in that time period settled. I know Cantor Injury Law, LLC’s cases are worth more, because I see what others settle for and refuse to accept what other lawyers do to settle the cases cheaply. I also know, but in the civil arena.

So enjoy your labor day. And if you need a law firm not afraid to do the labor to win your case, call us at 314 542-9999.

This is a Tuesday morning addendum (Monday was Labor Day). We went to court ready for trial. We were assigned to a judge and then, finally, the defense paid us and more than what had been demanded at the last mediation. On all accounts it was a win. The money is payable within 30 days and there is no appeal or delay. The case settled for over ten times what the defense doctor said the disability to our client is worth. So in the end, we were totally ready for trial and as a result received the full value of our case.

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