Mark Cantor Discusses Damages (What You Are Owed)

Mark Cantor Discusses Damages (What You Are Owed)

Damages are what you are owed to compensate you for your personal injury. Cantor Injury Law, LLC are experts in maximizing the value of your personal injury lawsuit by proving the harm that was caused to you by the negligence of another.

If you are injured in an accident, then you likely have many different types of damages. You will likely have medical bills from all types of providers including ambulances, hospitals, doctors, radiology or diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, prescriptions, medical devices and the like. You may have property damage to your vehicle, personal items, etc.… and you may also have lost wages. The above damages will assist us in proving the larger part of your claim, the amount you are owed for the harm you have suffered – which is commonly referred to as your pain and suffering. Obviously, the ultimate measure of your success and the quality of your legal representation will be judged by your financial recovery.

Some people mistakenly believe that there is a formula for calculating your damages but they are wrong. (Anybody that tells you to use a multiplier to calculate the money owed to you does not really know how it works – if you lose your leg and the doctors cannot do much to help you so you lose your leg but your medical bill is only $25,0000- if someone were to tell you your case is worth $75,0000 you would disagree. Similarly, if you have $15,000 in chiropractic bills you have overdone it and your case is likely not worth $45,0000.).

At Cantor Injury Law, LLC, we will help you prove your damages. We can maximize the value of the case for you. We will do this ethically and responsibly. As a general rule, we screen cases carefully before agreeing to represent you. For instance, we rarely accept clients that do not receive medical care within the first three days after an accident. We also scrutinize cases where clients have large gaps in medical care or have inconsistent medical records as to how an injury occurred. Obviously, if you were treating with a medical provider for similar complaints before an accident, it greatly reduces the value of your case if you have the same exact treatment after an accident. If we do accept you as a client, we want to make sure we win and it is difficult to prove to a jury why they should award you a large sum if you fail the above criteria.

On the other hand, if you do have immediate medical care and significant damages, Cantor and Associate will retain the proper experts to prove you are owed a large amount of money. We routinely hire economists, vocational rehabilitation experts, surgeons, life care planners, and the like to prove that money is owed for the duration of your life expectancy when the facts warrant those experts. This year alone, we have resolved many cases for millions of dollars by maximizing our clients' damages using these experts and by aggressively pursuing the lawsuits we file.

Do you have significant damages after an accident? Call Mark Cantor at our firm, Cantor Injury Law, LLC at 314.542.9999. Unlike other law firms, we will personally handle your serious injury claim and not assign it to another less qualified, experienced, or skilled lawyer.

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