Why You Need A Police Report for Auto Accidents

Why You Need A Police Report for Auto Accidents

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Hi. I'm Mark Cantor. I want to talk to you for a moment about car collisions. What do you after you have been involved in a car accident? No, the answer is not to call me right away. That is a little bit later. What you want to do is get a police report, even if the accident was your fault.

Why you need a police report if you are at-fault

You may say, "Why would I want to get a police report even if the accident was my fault?" Let's say you back into someone and it is a low impact collision. That police officer is going to come and make a report about what occurred. They are going to record all of the facts of the case: who you are, who your insurance is, who the other person is, who their insurer is. That police officer is going to interview the person that you hit. That person may say that "I am fine" or that "my neck hurts." Or whatever they are going to say, the police officer is going to put it in their report. You want that. That police officer is now a witness to your case.

Let's say that as your case is progressing, you get a letter that you are being sued and that there were four people in that car. No there weren't. There was one person. That person could go and try to commit a fraud. So the police report protects you. It protects and preserves the facts of the event. Even if you are at fault, it is my advice that you get a police report and make a record of what occurred. Most of the time we see these police reports where there is minimum impact and the people say that they don't need to be transported by an ambulance or that they are uninjured. Those are facts that stay with the case, good or bad, through the end to the jury trial.

Why you need a police report if you are injured

Now if you are hurt, you also want that police report. You want to record what has occurred. You want to record that for your own insurance, for both medical as well as auto insurance. You may have medical payments and need to show that you were involved in a car accident that caused you damages so that the medical payments on your insurance will pay. If the accident is not your fault, you obviously want a police so lawyers like me can come in and depose them.

How the police report can help your case

I am deposing a police officer tomorrow. It is November 2014 and I will be doing witness depositions and police officer depositions for a case that is going to trial in January for an accident that happened more than a year ago. The police make a record of what has occurred. It is contemporaneously recorded with the event so that it is admissible as an exception to the hearsay rule. That officer who did not witness the accident but saw what occurred afterwards and recorded it - that testimony comes in. Now the officer's opinion as to the cause of the accident probably does not come into evidence, but we don't need that. We are getting that police officer's testimony for everything else: the type of car, the damage to the car, who was involved, what the road conditions were like, what the weather conditions were like - those types of things - what medical care was needed and the follow-up medical care.

So if you have been involve in a car collision anywhere in the Midwest, it is my suggestion that you call the police and get a police report and also exchange information with the other driver.

Filing an injury claim with the insurance company

I would not give a recorded statement to the insurance company. You hear people say that a lot on television, but that is good advice. These insurance adjusters are working against you from the very beginning. I would call and get your own representation by calling a lawyer like myself at (314) 542-9999. You need to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones if you have been involved in an accident and the police report will help us.

Choosing a car accident lawyer

We carefully select our cases. We say that we are looking for seriously injured cases because we don't deal with the mediocre or the minor. If you are not hurt, we don't want you. We do not charge a fee on property damage because people are never happy about property damage. But, unfortunately in this industry we have seen catastrophic injuries and death and we have done that for over 20 years. I have been practicing law for 21 years now and all I have done is personal injury litigation and it is very sad to have seen the types of collisions that we have seen (and I am not talking about minor fender benders). If you have a loved one or if you need assistance with a serious personal injury case with a lawyer that knows how to try these cases, I have two cases scheduled for jury trial in the city of St. Louis in January of 2015 in just a few months. That is a lot. A lot of lawyers unfortunately don't push these cases to trial. Some do and some don't, you need to be very careful about selecting your lawyer.

You shouldn't base your decision solely on advertisements; you need to analyze what they know and what they are doing, who can help you, who will be personally representing you. I can tell you at this firm that either myself, Mark Cantor will personally represent you and we know how to do it. So call us or visit our website. Again, I am Mark Cantor. Thank you for watching.

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