The Auto Accident Insurance Conspiracy

The Auto Accident Insurance Conspiracy

You may pay your monthly premium to your insurance company, but that does not mean it is always on your side when you are in a car accident. In fact, we are convinced that the insurance industry partakes in a legal conspiracy to pay you as little as possible for your damages.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Mark Cantor. Thank you for visiting my law firm, Cantor and Associate. I want to talk to you about a conspiracy-a civil conspiracy not to pay you after you have been involved in an auto collision.

Who are the Conspirators?

The co-conspirators are the insurance company, their agents and their physicians. So what happens? You have been involved in a collision and your neck hurts. You go to the emergency room. You hope that you are going to get better .You wait a week. Maybe two weeks. You go and get treatment. It is not helping so you go and get chiropractic care and end up with a medical doctor. And that may take six months.

Insurance Companies Will Downplay Your Injuries

So what happens? The insurance company comes in and might say "You don't have an injury. You have degenerative changes. You have spinal stenosis or arthritis." Then they don't want to pay you. Well the problem with that is either you bought insurance or the person who hit you bought insurance and the reason they bought insurance is to pay when you've been injured. So they are trying to keep that money for themselves and not pay you. That is the first element of this conspiracy.

Doctors as Co-Conspirators

The second element is the conservative doctors that they pick. You get to pick any doctor that you want when you go for treatment, but a lot of these doctors make a lot of money from insurance companies and you don't know who is one which side. Some people do have a lot of arthritic changes in their spine. But if you didn't have a problem in your neck or back before the accident and now you have a problem and you believe it is from the accident, it is probably from that auto collision. You ought to be paid for that, but they don't want to pay you.

So you file a lawsuit. Then the insurance company gets to have you examined because we have made your body a part of the elements in your case, your damages. Then they send you to a doctor that says "Oh, you are this age and this weight." Whatever it is, they say it now even more and more for young people. But, let's say you are like I am - 45 years old. They say "Oh, you are old. You are a smoker and that causes changes. These problems pre-existed your auto collision." That doctor has a lot of cases. Many of them are defended by the same in house insurance attorney.

In-house Lawyers Disguised as Independent Law Firms

These insurance companies frequently have a whole law department that they name after someone else's name, usually after the head lawyer. So if I was the lawyer at one of these law firms, they would say "The Law Firm of Mark Cantor" and I would have a bunch of different lawyers, but really I was a wholly owned subsidiary of one of these insurance companies. I am paid by the insurance company. So this lawyer comes in and they don't want the jury to know they are in house for the big insurance company.

So there are all of these little conspiracies that add up to this big conspiracy, which is not to pay you. The insurance company does not want to pay you. They want to take your statement right away. They want to investigate the case to blame everything else. They get favorable doctors that they know are going to be favorable because they have used them before to say all of these things to injure your case, to pay you as little as possible.

Competent Legal Representation

So there is a conspiracy against you and you need competent representation or you won't get the money that you deserve. I could put myself out of business if the insurance companies acted without this conspiracy to try and not to pay you. My job is safe because in the 20 years that I have been doing this, and since 2000 while I have been doing this with Cantor and Associate, we have repeatedly seen insurance companies not treat our clients fairly. So call us.

If the insurance conspiracy is not paying you and you need a lawyer to help you break away from that conspiracy and get you the money you deserve, my name is Mark Cantor. My law firm is Cantor and Associate. I will personally represent you or my law partner will. My numbers is (314) 542-9999. Thanks for watching.

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