Four Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Four Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

When you are involved in an accident and make a claim to recover for your injury, your phone will start ringing incessantly with the insurance company on the other end of the line. Insurance companies want to rush you to settlement so that they can limit your recovery and keep as much money in their pocket as possible. They use aggressive tactics to stack the odds against your claim. When you are given only once chance to recover, you should seriously consider retaining an expert of your own. There are many benefits of hiring a lawyer to handle your personal injury claim. In the video below, St. Louis personal injury attorney Mark Cantor outlines four ways an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you win your case.

Video Transcript —

Hi, I am Mark Cantor. Thanks for visiting our website at Cantor and Associate. Many people think that they don't need to hire a lawyer to handle their personal injury case. Those people are usually wrong. You are sitting there and watching this video thinking "Why do I need a lawyer?" There are four main reasons.

The first reason and probably the most important reason is that we are going to get you more money, even after attorney's fees, in most cases than you would on your own. Just last week I settled a case where, when I began in 2012, the offer was $8,300. It was a workers' compensation claim and I settled the case for $150,000. That is not a typical result. But this morning I went to court on another case and the offer was $6,000 and I settled it for $31,000. That is a typical result in many of my cases. Other cases are worth $10,000 but with a lawyer let's say you get $20,000. Even if you pay an attorney's fee, you are better off. So the first reason you need a lawyer is because you are going to get more money. And that is all the court system can do for you is give you money. We can't fix the injury that was caused to you.

The second reason is that it is less stressful. You are going to be very stressed out dealing with a lawsuit or workers' compensation claim on your own. You are going to have much less stress with an attorney.

The third reason is that it is much less work. You are going to be stressed out worrying about getting your money and doing the work on your own. And some of the work that you are going to be doing is a mistake, because let's face it, there are a lot of lawyers that do not know how to handle a case and there are a lot of people who think they know how to handle the case and do it on their own and do it wrongly. So you are probably going to be doing more work and doing the wrong type of work.

So the case is worth more money, you are going to have less stress with a lawyer, you are going to do less work and the last reason is that you are going to do it properly with a lawyer. If you don't hire an attorney, there are a lot of ways to mess up your case. For instance, early on you can give a recorded statement that defeats your claim in its entirety. You might sign a release that gives up rights to other parties to pursue other claims. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made in a case and to do it right, you need a lawyer. So if we can help you to get more money, be less stressed out and do the work for you while doing it properly, call us at (314) 542-9999. Thank you.

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