Is your lawyer a winner?

Is your lawyer a winner?

In this video, St. Louis personal injury attorney and trial lawyer Mark Cantor explains how routinely bringing cases to trial gives attorneys with a reputation of winning a more accurate insight into the true value of personal injury cases. Be wary of personal injury lawyers who avoid the courtroom by rushing cases to settlement.

Video Transcript -

Hi, my name is Mark Cantor. Thank you for visiting my law firm, Cantor and Associate. I want to talk to you this morning about something that should be very important to you when hiring a lawyer. Is your lawyer a winner? Does your lawyer know how to win your case?

Vince Lombardi said "Winning is not a part-time thing; it's an all the time thing." You don't go out sometimes - this is me talking - and think "I am going to win" and sometimes you do not. Winning is constant. It needs to be ever-present.
When you come into my office, the way I am going to win your case is the first thing I am going to do is analyze it. Do I believe your case? Is it meritorious? Beliefs create reality. If I think I can win your case and I believe in you and you believe in me, then we are going to fight your case together until we win.

So, for me it is not a question of if I am going to win, it is a question of how much I am going to win. Sometimes you try a case and you lose, but at least you have tried the case. In order to win cases, you have to try sometimes and lose. I have been doing this for 20 years. I have learned from every experience I have had. My law partner and I have a great team. It takes a team to win your case. We have great paralegals and we have designed the law firm purposefully to win your case.

So, from the moment you are here, you need to be thinking "Do I have a lawyer that can win? Has the lawyer tried cases? Is he in court? Will he be in court for me?" There are a lot of lawyers that advertise and that is great. I am not cutting on them, but there are a lot of people that just don't go to court. They are just not in court. They settle cases. Great. If it is a great settlement, I am not knocking it. But, in order to know whether it is a great settlement, you sometimes have to try your case and it is a full time effort.

If you have a case that you need to have aggressive representation on, lawyers with a reputation for winning, for fighting, then call us at (314) 542-9999.

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