Senate Bill 526: Punishing Missouri's Injured Workers?

Senate Bill 526: Punishing Missouri's Injured Workers?

By Mark Cantor

Conservative republicans of the 95th General Assembly in Missouri are attempting to pass Senate bill 526 to create a database of information regarding workers' compensation Claimant's that will provide the social security number and other private information related to an injured worker's claim. The reason that big business wants this is so that Claimants who are asserting their legal rights under the state of Missouri's workers' compensation laws can be discriminated against by other employers. In other words, the conservative legislature and large businesses are attempting to unfairly expose injured workers' and their claims so that it will make it more difficult for Claimants to transition jobs or find other employment. In fact, the bill even states that the information will be available during a "pre-hire" period.

I firmly believe this law is unfair. Think about its practical application in the real world. Your job is as a carpenter (or a welder or an over the road driver or whatever it is) and as a result of no fault of your own while walking at work you fall into a 10 foot pit and injure your lower back requiring surgery with plates and screws. You are now left unable to life heavy items, to repeatedly bend, twist, kneel or stoop on a regular a basis. Workers' compensation is your exclusive remedy and you have no one else you can sue (so you get no money for your pain and suffering). As a result, you retrain yourself with technical skills so that you can perform another job well. The case from falling in the pit may take a significant amount of time to resolve and while it is being resolved you seek other employment. This new employment would pay better and provide you with gainful employment while you convalesce from your prior work injury. There is absolutely no benefit in your private work injury information becoming available because another employer may choose not to hire you based on this bias.

Governor Nixon previously vetoed legislation similar to SCS/SB 526 and I believe it is in the best interest of our entire working community - and certainly our injured Claimants - not to allow a harsh and draconian bill such as this to become law in the state of Missouri.

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