Today’s serious work injury mediation

Today’s serious work injury mediation

Today I mediated a case for a man whose hand was crushed by a crane at work. We did not settle and the case will be tried. As a result of the injury, my client fractured both main bones in his wrist, the radius and the ulnar, as well as had significant nerve injuries. Eventually he had an ulnar shortening procedure as well as metal plates and screws installed in his wrist. Later, because of the serious fractures, he developed nerve problems and required a carpal tunnel surgery, which basically is a surgery that allows the median nerve to have more space as it runs through the carpal canal in the wrist.

The defense sent my client with multiple surgeries and plates to a doctor, Evan Crandall, who is notoriously biased for the defense in my opinion. Dr. Crandall evaluated the disability after having performed two or the three surgeries and determined that my client had a 20% disability to the wrist. I believe this is far too low as did the adjuster whose first offer in the case following that report agreed and offered us 30% of the wrist.

I sent my client to a hand and plastic surgeon who evaluated the disability at 60% of the wrist, which is high but honest. Workers' Compensation is cheap and we went before a conservative judge whose recommendation was too low. As a result, I set the case for trial (which in workers' compensation is a hearing.) At hearing, the mediating judge will not be able to be the trial judge and I think we will achieve a better result for my client.

At hearing, I will have additional evidence for future medical requirements as our surgeon believes that a future fusion may be required. To give you an idea of the seriousness of the injury, attached is a photo of my client's hand, an x-ray. Look at all the plates and screws.

Although my client has given me permission to use this, I have chosen not to reveal his name as the case is still going to hearing.

AtCantor and Associate, we represent the seriously injured. In this case, the injury is a serious hand and arm issue and it will go to trial. I will personally handle the case as I do with all of my files and not pass it along to a less experienced and less knowledgeable attorney. I fully expect an excellent outcome for my client and if you need legal representation, my partner and I are happy to represent you. Please call us at (314) 542-9999.

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