Preparing to win and preparing for a busy week

Preparing to win and preparing for a busy week

It is Sunday evening. My entire family is working. The kids are all doing homework and my wife Amy is helping the youngest with math flashcards. I am preparing for an early morning deposition of a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist has been hired by the defense to say my client has no psychiatric injury in a case where my client had four fingers and part of his thumb accidentally severed off in a work injury. One finger was successfully replanted only to be therapeutically amputated later because it was so dysfunctional it was more of a hindrance than of assistance. I thought about the case all day and how my client deserves to win, particularly while running my five miles this morning, and have my notes ready. I want to destroy this hired psychiatrist who’s opinion has been purchased by a greedy insurance company.

My client is legitimately depressed over his life changing injuries and this doctor will be testifying both that he has no depression and that any psychiatric problems my client has preexisted the work trauma. I know his testimony is hogwash and I am ready to take him down on cross examination. The case will not settle because I know my client is permanently and totally disabled from the work force and the defense is offering money as if he will return to work. He will not. He has regional pain syndrome from the trauma and this psychiatrist has discounted both the pain and the depression. Follow this blog because I will update it when I win. I will win the psychiatric issue because it is the truth and the truth wins. Also, this case is too important to loose and my client is counting on me – I take that extremely seriously.

On Tuesday I have 6 hearings scheduled. Two in St. Louis city, two in Union Missouri, and two in Crystal City. With the help of our associate Jade Wandell, we will handle all of them and make our appearances.

On Wednesday morning I have a hearing in St. Charles for a Second Injury Fund case against the state of Missouri. In the afternoon I will be taking and defending depositions in a car accident case, on Thursday I will be deposing the vocational expert for the amputated finger case described above.

I have cleared my calendar on Friday to fly to Philadelphia for a Bar Mitzvah and will be back ready to fight for my clients for Monday morning early.

We push our cases to trial to get the most money possible. Call us at 314 542-9999 if you need aggressive personal injury representation.

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