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Recent Successes

The Missouri Lawyers Weekly publishes the accomplishments of lawyers for both the legal results obtained and the total financial recovery. Cantor Injury Law was featured six times in 2016 alone.

In October 2016, our worthy client Joan Alter's case was recognized by the paper. She had a $500 offer before she came to us for help, and we ultimately won her nearly one million dollars! ($966,000.00 to be exact.)

We won $101,000.00 for a motorcycle accident victim that was published the following week. This win was hard-fought because the insurance company originally argued that only $25,000.00 was available as the policy limits. Cantor Injury Law was successful in "stacking" the four available policies and in getting medical payment benefits for a total recovery of $101,000.00 - resulting in an excellent recovery for our deserving client.

Mark Cantor also helped in two in huge recoveries for clients, winning $5,000,000.00 and $2,000,000.00 in the recent past. Mark helped win the two Million Dollars for a client after a truck dropped cargo on the freeway and caused severe injuries to her. She is both a friend and a client and deserved that win. Mark Cantor also assisted a client win five million dollars after a truck ran a red light and killed our client's father.

We have a proven strategy to win. We presume every case is going to go to trial and prepare to win from the beginning of the case, and we continue to fight until the defendant or their insurance company pays the full and fair value of the claim. If the case settles, great! If it does not, we are ready to fight all the way through a trial by judge or jury. Because Cantor Injury Law regularly tries Missouri Workers' Compensation cases and civil cases, we know how to aggressively handle the case from the very beginning. We fight hard to secure all the money you deserve. We win you money for all your injuries and all your pain, your property damage, and all the money you lose while you are unable to work because of your car, truck, motorcycle or work injury. As Mark likes to say: "A great settlement is never an accident!"

Past results are not a guarantee of future success. Every case is unique and must be judged on its own merits. Call us for a free evaluation at 314-485-4005.

  • Truck Collision



  • Auto Collision



  • Personal Injury



    Sharon Honerkamp underwent a total knee replacement and was transported home from the hospital by a private ambulance company in a wheelchair and with a precautionary oxygen tank. Once they arrived at her home, the defendants lodged Ms. Honerkamp, and her wheelchair, in the doorway as they tried to push her into her home. While Ms. Honerkamp and her wheelchair were stuck in the entryway, the ambulance company employees carelessly attempted to pass the heavy oxygen tank over Ms. Honerkamp. Unfortunately, the transporters dropped the oxygen tank directly onto the replaced knee, which fractured her femur and ultimately required her to undergo an additional (and more extensive) knee replacement. The hematoma at the fracture site and the additional surgery led to extensive infections throughout Ms. Honerkamp's body. The defendant company had no record of the transport ever occurring, much less any record of the oxygen tank being dropped, and was unable to even identify the names of the negligent employee. The only record of the transportation happening was a cancelled check in the amount of $150.00 secured by Cantor Injury Law from Plaintiff 's own bank records.

    Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright represented Ms. Honerkamp and filed suit in her claim. The defendant represented that there was one million dollars of insurance available, but through discovery it was revealed that there was an additional umbrella insurance policy of one million dollars. After aggressively litigating the case, and deposing Plaintiff, her family members, and all of her doctors, a settlement was reached in the amount of $1.95 million dollars one month before trial (which was set in October of 2017).

  • Workers’ Compensation


    Judgment & Settlement

  • Denied Case Zero Offer



  • Wrongful Death



    Tow Truck Driver’s Family Settles After Fatal Strike

  • Slip and Fall


    Jury Verdict

    In August of 2017, Mark Cantor & Nathan Davis of Cantor Injury Law obtained a $600,000.00 jury verdict in favor of their client in Morgan County, Missouri. Our client, Diana Buchanan, slipped and fell when coming out of a bathroom of a Versailles gas station after the employees mopped the floor while Ms. Buchanan was in the bathroom. During the investigation of the case, our attorneys discovered that the gas station employees did not follow their own policies and procedures when mopping the floor, creating a dangerous condition for Ms. Buchanan. The employees contended throughout the whole case that they did nothing wrong.

    The entire defense to the case was that Ms. Buchanan walked within a few feet of a caution wet floor sign as she entered the store, and the defense repeatedly played a video to prove that fact. Plaintiff admitted that she must have seen the sign, but the sign meant nothing because the floors were "bone dry" as she walked to the bathroom from the entrance of the store. Due to the fall, Ms. Buchanan required a left knee replacement and underwent further surgery on her left ankle.

    Our firm performed an electronic mock jury focus group to assist with the valuation of the case. The vast majority of the people in that focus group found that the employees of the gas station didn’t follow their own policies and procedures and were liable for Ms. Buchanan’s injuries. Due, in part, to the results of the mock jury, the firm turned down a significant offer of $175,000 prior to trial. After conducting a three-day jury trial, the jury found the defendant 70% at fault for Ms. Buchanan’s slip and fall, and awarded her damages in the amount of $600,000. After the allocation of fault, Ms. Buchanan received a total of $420,000.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision



    Injured Student

  • Workers' Compensation



    In September of 2017, Mark Cantor resolved a workers' compensation claim where the Claimant fell from a high bridge and sustained injuries to his neck and back as well as neurological issues. The settlement provides a Medicare Set Aside that is funded by the employer to provide for future medical treatment for the Claimant.

  • Car Accident


    In February of 2016, Mark Cantor resolved a case of a person t-boned in St. Louis County for $475,000.00. The defense did not want to pay and claimed that our client’s injuries were both preexisting and exaggerated. Originally, the defense disclosed only a $250,000 policy of insurance, but we were able to recover $475,000 by litigating aggressively. This is a great result. We are experts in finding additional money above and beyond what the insurance companies originally disclose and are here to help you. If you have an injury case, please call us at 314-628-9999.

  • Workers’ Compensation



    Man who slipped twice at work settles over injuries

  • Car Accident


    Cantor Injury Law Recovered $350,000.00 for Jessica Rhynes at the end of February 2016. Jessica was struck by a teenage driver who took a corner too fast in his Ford F150 in Ripley County, Missouri, which is near Arkansas. Jessica had a knee injury and had to have surgery. Unfortunately, Jessica did not have health insurance, so Mark Cantor arranged for her to go to the best doctors in St. Louis for medical care. The defense did not want to pay and had lots of excuses, but eventually offered us the policy limits of $250,000 and we refused to accept those policy limits and were able to settle the case for $350,000. If you go visit our Facebook page at Cantor Injury Law, you can see a photo of Jessica’s car, which we posted on February 16, 2016. We are experts in auto collision cases as well as finding additional monies and we would be happy to help you. Please call 314-628-9999 and we never charge a fee unless we win your case.

  • Workers' Compensation



    In August of 2017, Mark Cantor resolved a workers' compensation claim where the Claimant slipped and fell on a ramp at work and sustained a concussion and nasal fracture along with injuries to his neck, knee and back. The settlement provides a Medicare Set Aside that is funded by the employer to provide for future medical treatment for the Claimant.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision



    Injured was pregnant and had a soft tissue injury.

  • ATV Accident


    On Friday, February 26, 2016 we appeared in Jerseyville, Illinois, which is in southern Illinois near Missouri for a minor child injured on an ATV. We were able to win $107,000 for a foot fracture case for our client. You can actually see the foot fracture if you visit our Facebook page at Cantor Injury Law and posted on that same day, February 26, 2016. Our client was hired by adults to shuttle guests to an adult party using the property owner’s ATV and the ATV flipped. Our client was 15 and was injured. We were able to structure the money so that the minor child has money even when he gets older and he does not spend it all when he is young, as young people have a tendency to do. Mark Cantor has handled many ATV collision and off road collision cases and can help you in any vehicle collision matter. Please call 314-628-9999, if we can help you!

  • Personal Injury


    Deja Smith was accidentally shot in her face on December 29, 2016 at a friend's home in Florissant, Missouri. She sustained severe injuries including a fractured jaw and severed tongue.

    Mark Cantor and David Poe of Cantor Injury Law made a claim against the homeowner's insurance company. State Farm originally denied the claim, but later offered the policy limits of $100,000.00.

  • Premises Liability


    Jury Verdict

    In August of 2017, Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright won a jury verdict for our client, Jon Sandberg. Jon was visiting his friend's apartment in Overland, Missouri. As Jon was visiting with his friend, he leaned back onto the deck railing when it broke off and collapsed, sending Mr. Sandberg several feet to the ground. As a result, Mr. Sandberg suffered a concussion and injured his shoulder. His medical bills totaled $25,359.36.

    Mark Cantor filed a lawsuit against the property owner, Thuan Nguyen, alleging that he knew or could have known of the dangerous condition of property and failed to remedy or warn of the unsafe railing. The defendant's deposition and trial testimony were consistent in that Mr. Nguyen never performed any inspections of the decks on that apartment or any other apartments that he owned. The defendant claimed that he could not know that the deck railing was rotten because it was painted, but admitted that he himself personally painted it.

    After a two-day jury trial in St. Louis County, Mr. Sandberg was awarded $100,000.00 for his injury. Defendant Nguyen was found 100% at-fault for the deck's failure.

  • Workers' Compensation



    Cable installer recovers costs for injured shoulder

  • Dog Bite



    Our client, Jackson, was five years old and riding his bicycle on his neighborhood sidewalk in Chesterfield. As he was riding past a neighbor's home, a Labrador Retriever ran out of the defendants' home, chased Jackson down, and dragged him from his bicycle by biting him on his knee and ankle. Jackson was taken to the emergency room, but they were unable to stitch the wounds because of the concern of infection.

    When confronted before litigation, the defendant dog owner believed that his dog only "pushed him down" and refused to turn the claim into his homeowner's insurance. As a result, Cantor Injury Law immediately filed a lawsuit against the defendant dog owner (which was quickly turned into his homeowner's insurance after defendants were served).

    The five-year-old plaintiff had $1,700.00 in total bills and $1,200.00 in paid medical. The case resolved shortly before trial at a court-ordered mediation for $50,000.00. The medical expenses were for one emergency room visit and one follow up with his pediatrician, but Cantor Injury Law was able to obtain a large settlement for Jackson by leveraging the defendants' conduct after the bite, and focusing on the long-term mental and physical effects of a childhood trauma.

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